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DIY Maternity: Maxi Dress to Maternity Skirt

DIY Maternity: Maxi Dress to Maternity Skirt - Swoodson Says

Maternity clothes are expensive! As much as I like to shop, I like to shop thrift stores and clearance racks. Unfortunately, both of those can be hit or miss for maternity because it is a smaller demographic and department! I’ve had some luck but also wanted to try refashioning some of the things I already had or could find dirt cheap.

I bought this dress at least 3 years ago at Gordmans on clearance and it hung in my closet for a long time, and then sat in my “refashion” drawer for a while longer. I’ve come to the conclusion that spaghetti straps are not my thing, but instead of trying to add cap sleeves I chopped it up!

It’s a little tough to see, but the bodice had an inverted V shape so I cut it straight across, leaving the ties intact. I dug around in my elastic drawer and picked out a piece that I cut out of an old tank top that had a shelf bra in it. I made sure it was about the right length to go around my ribs (where I wanted the skirt to start) and then sewed it with a zig zag stitch all the way around, leaving about a half inch above it.

I find the easiest way to sew elastic on is to pin or clip it in 4 places, evenly, and then in between each pin stretch it while  you sew.

Next I ran my serger around the edge, which trims the excess and leaves a neat finish around the top. If you don’t have a serger you could easily fold down the excess and do another line of stitching for a neat look from the front.

The dress had ties already, so I just pulled those to the front and made a bow! I sewed this when I was around 20 weeks and it definitely fit “longer” without having to go so far out in front like it does now 🙂

It would also be easy to add a knit waistband and chop more off if you prefer an under-the-bump skirt.. which I’ll be posting about later this week! Don’t forget, if your maxi dress is a knit type fabric make sure to use a ballpoint needle and if it is a woven cotton be sure to use a non-ballpoint needle.

Comfy and cheap!

DIY Maternity: Maxi Dress to Maternity Skirt - Swoodson Says

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