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DIY Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Building Blocks

DIY blocks made from recycled toilet paper rolls, a cheap toddler toy tutorial. If there is one ‘craft supply’ we all have in our houses for free, it’s toilet paper rolls! This is a super simple DIY to turn those ugly brown rolls into bright, fun toys. Scrapbook paper & hot glue is all it takes and you have a dirt cheap toy that your kids can use, abuse, and then pitch in the recycling bin once you’re done.

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Toilet Paper Roll Recycled Toy

These blocks stack easily; we used them as “bowling pins” too. They roll marvelously down ramps and stairs, which is always entertaining. You could also fill the centers with beans or rice to weight them and experiment with older kids. Use white paper and stickers to let kids decorate their own!

I’m sure you can connect the dots, but for all you visual learners here is how I made them!

  1.  For each block you’ll need one empty roll, two 3″ circles (I used this Fiskars punch* to make mine), and one rectangle that’s roughly 5.5″ X 4.25″.
  2.  Smear hot glue down the short side of one rectangle and press on to the toilet paper roll.
  3.  Smear hot glue down the other short side, wrapping it around the roll and pressing firmly to overlap.
  4.  Dab hot glue dots all around the open end.
  5.  Press the glued side firmly down on to the circle, repeat for the other side. Voila!

If you’re looking for other toilet paper toys, I found these fun ideas when I was searching around! Perfect for toddlers who aren’t into ‘crafts’ per se or making toilet paper rolls into animals, etc. yet. Do you have any favorite toilet paper roll recycling ideas? Let me know in the comments!

I just liked this shot’s perspective!

Toilet Paper Roll Toy DIY

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