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Free bunny pillow sewing pattern

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Free bunny pillow sewing pattern

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Free bunny pillow sewing pattern

It’s time to inject some hygge into your life with this super furry, sweet stuffed animal! I have a free bunny pillow sewing pattern for you to download and sew; my kids haven’t stopped dragging this around since I finished making it. The crinkle faux fur fabric from JOANN really makes the project special; I collaborated with them, which means they compensated me for my materials and my time. Of course I only share products & stores that I already use and love, and all opinions are my own.

I love sewing bunnies! My treasured childhood stuffed animal was a bunny, and they’re one of my favorite things to make. A finished pillow measures roughly 16″ wide and 10″ tall. You can check out even more bunny sewing patterns in this post, after you make this one!

This is half pillow, half stuffed animal; making it 100% huggable. The big floppy ears are irresistible for little hands to tug and drag!

My daughter pointed out that it looks like a puffy mask! Maybe I’ll see it hacked into a Halloween costume next year!

This pink faux fur seems to be all over in stores, and adding a face makes it fun for kids in addition to being on trend.

A secret? It would be an adorable llama pillow too! I need to make another one, just shortening the ears!

Ready to make your own?

Pin this free bunny pillow sewing pattern with this link and photo:Download this free bunny pillow pattern and snuggle up this winter! This is a fun faux fur sewing tutorial that is perfect for winter - your kids will love this free stuffed animal sewing pattern! #sewing #hygge


Free bunny pillow sewing pattern




    Step 1- Print out the pattern for the face & ear, tape together. Lay out on the back of the faux fur and trace the pattern with a marker. Use your sharp scissors to cut out just the backing fabric, carefully avoiding cutting through the actual fur. Don’t use a rotary cutter! That will leave awkward edges on the fur. Repeat, cutting out 4 ears; 2 from wool and 2 from fur. Cut 2 fur faces.

    Step 2- Pin a wool ear to a fur ear, carefully tucking all the hair inside. Sew slowly, with a 1/4 seam allowance, leaving the short end open. A walking foot makes a big difference! Pull the rest of the ear right side out and poke out all the edges with a pen or chopstick, then baste along the very edge of the short end.

    Step 3- Embroider the face! I used a backstitch for the eyes & lower nose, satin stitch for the heart nose (find basic embroidery stitch tutorials here). Here you can see the Stick n Stitch that I printed the pattern on to (it is carried in JOANN stores – and you can see a full tutorial for how to use it here), stitched, cut out the face shape, and washed away the transfer paper.

    Step 4- Use pins to center and affix the face on, carefully fluffing fur out of the way. Stitch on, trim fur as needed.

    Step 5- Baste the ears on to the front face, roughly 8″ apart. There will be an overhang that you can trim off later. Pin all the way around the two faces and sew with 1/4″ seam allowance, making sure to leave a roughly 3″ opening.

    Step 6- Pull the pillow right side out through the opening, fill it with stuffing, and hand stitch closed. Fluff, and enjoy!

Sharing is caring!

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