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Halloween applique quilt pattern

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I know it’s summer, but I am sewing ahead and made this cute Halloween applique quilt pattern!

It is sewn from a free spider applique from my friend Leslie, who blogs at the Seasoned Homemaker. I’ve been admiring scrappy applique projects on Instagram for a while and just love how this turned out. It will coordinate perfectly with my DIY ‘BOO’ banner once it’s time to decorate!

If you’re new to applique, check out my post about tips for machine applique for beginners. If you want more applique, check out my list of over 25 free applique patterns.

Halloween applique quilt pattern

I varied slightly from her example, tilting my spider off to the side and putting the web up in the opposite corner.

I ended up going over the lines three times each to make them stand out, and like the effect!

I used the free spider applique from Seasoned Homemaker, and Heat N Bond to transfer it.

I love the metallic weave! I’m not sure on the fabric’s origin, it came in a scrap pack that I bought, but I think it is perfect for this project. The edges did fray more than regular quilting cotton, so I swabbed them with some Fray Check before stitching them on.

Fabrics I used:


Perfection is never my goal, but I am a big fan of using the same backing fabric as the thread color. So many little imperfections just blend in! I overexposed this photo so the quilting would show up, you can see the random vertical lines I threw in to keep the batting from shifting, I tried to stay along the lines of text so they were less noticeable on the front.

I thought I’d snap a few pictures of the process; here you can see the scrappy “fabric” I created for the applique, just randomly slicing and sewing.

This is what it looked like once I ironed the Heat n Bond on.

This is how I checked for pattern alignment – holding it up to the light – before I ironed it down.

Last but not least, I drew the web on with my Cricut fabric pen before stitching it. I’m not confident enough to sew a pattern like that on the fly! It washes away with warm water.

I LOVE how it turned out, and I don’t use that word often. Now I can’t wait for September to roll around so I can hang it up! Do you have a favorite method for hanging mini quilts?

Pin this Halloween applique quilt pattern for later, here:

Sew up some modern DIY Halloween decor with this fun mini quilt tutorial! A scrappy applique spider from the free Seasoned Homemaker's pattern is easy to make. This Halloween quilt pattern idea is easy for beginners and fun to sew! #halloween #quilt #applique #sewing

Sharing is caring!

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