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Jocole Peplum Shirt & Love Notions Hip Hop Top

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Jocole Peplum Shirt  & Love Notions Hip Hop Top

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Jocole Peplum and Love Notions Hip Hop Tank

  Robin invited me to sew two patterns that are included in the women’s BundleUP sale from Pattern Revolution; I chose the Jocole Peplum Top & the Love Notions Hip Hop Tank (but I sewed it with the cap sleeve option). My picture idea was totally ruined by the rain, so you’ll have to settle for my backyard.

I received both patterns for free, but all opinions are my own!

Jocole Knit Peplum Top - Swoodson SaysFirst up is the Jocole Peplum Top! I’ve always been drawn to the peplum shape but never actually bought or sewn one. I think it’s a nice little flourish that looks fancy in addition to concealing any stomach lumps (I’ve already told you about my lumps; this passed the ‘suck it in’ test!)

Jocole Knit Peplum Top - Swoodson Says

Sorry for all the hands on hips posing; every shot where I’m not standing like a pirate, you can’t actually see the peplum.

Jocole Knit Peplum Top - Swoodson Says

Some thoughts on the pattern itself – I sewed this in a size Medium based off my measurements and found it to be a bit on the baggy side. A hot wash/dry helped a bit, but I think any future peplums would be sewn in a size small.

I added a color blocked band to the peplum because I ran out of green fabric (I was using a remnant; no issue with the pattern/fabric requirements!) and decided to run with it and add similar contrast bands to the sleeves and neckline. I also top-stitched both peplum seams and added clear elastic to the shoulder seam to stabilize it.

I thought all my top-stitching looked great, and then I noticed it got all wavy on the inside of the neckline after being washed & dried! It still looks fine on the front, but we will see how it holds up.

This was the first Jocole pattern I’ve used and it was very straight forward and comprehensive. There were several options with different sleeve lengths and a ‘fishtail’ peplum piece that dips lower in the back. I will definitely be sewing a 3/4 sleeve version come fall!


Love Notions Hip Hop Tank Top - Swoodson SaysNext up is the Hip Hop Tank from Love Notions. Tami has patterns for both little girls and women, which is so fun if you’re into matching. This top is totally unassuming and casual in the front – I actually liked it because a loud necklace didn’t compete with anything!

Love Notions Hip Hop Tank Top - Swoodson Says

The pink fabric is from an upcycled 2x t-shirt, so I could reuse the sleeves and hem. Party in the back! You’ll recognize this fabric from my Greenstyle Creations blog tour post — I have a ton of extra because I completely forgot about accounting for stripe-matching when I initially purchased, and had to go back.

Love Notions Hip Hop Tank Top - Swoodson Says

The top has a subtle high-low hem that’s flattering and easy to wear. Mine looks a little tortured because  I was curving a straight, pre-hemmed line to match the back curve.

The shirt was big enough that I could just clip out the neckline binding and reuse it, which looked nice and smooth. I top stitched where the back panel met the back yoke so it didn’t flip around on me.

This top also has a ton of options, with a button-up back, a tulip back, and a tank top cutting line. It was very straightforward as well; the only issue I had was with the neckband measurement being too small, but that was an easy fix (.85 X the length of the neckline).

A couple hours and a few fabric scraps to create two fun new summer tops!

June 20

June 21

Feather’s Flights, Gloria June, Becca Duval Photography,

June 22

The Mother Huddle, Gloria June

June 23

June 24

June 25

June 26

June 27

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