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How To Make a Fabric Tray

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How To Make a Fabric Tray - let your kids join in and paint fabric to make a gift for Mother's Day! Fabric trinket trays are a great beginner sewing project that uses up fabric scraps. #ad #cbias

My kids are 4 and 2 and they love giving gifts almost as much as they love receiving them. Picking out cards is such a fun activity and we had a great time choosing Mother’s Day cards from the selection of Hallmark Signature cards at Walmart! I came up with a simple sewing project that they could also help with so I can pair the hand-painted fabric tray with the beautiful cards they chose. There are lots of ideas for what to sew for Mother’s Day but this is an easy one to get the kids involved. The trays are perfect for storing jewelry, loose change, little plant pots, or sewing trinkets!

Isn’t that a perfect match! If I’m being honest, I bought that “Home Is Where the Mom Is” card for myself too because I love the cut-out and want to frame it.

Hallmark has all types of greeting cards at Walmart, from seasonal to special occasion and we looked at the new Signature line which is a premium, handcrafted selection. You can see here where they are, in the card section, and then the grey topped dividers are the Signature line.  I’ve posted about Ibotta before; it’s a money-saving app and they have an offer for Hallmark cards right now, see it here!

Even the envelopes were fancy! My Mom has always sent paper cards ever since I was little, and I like being able to continue the tradition. I have a few vintage paper cards floating around and they’re so fun to look at, I love the idea of rereading Mother’s Day cards years from now. You can’t pass down an e-card!

My daughter loved the 3-D flower card and I went for the more modern wooden cut-out. They even had a card with a necklace attached, there were lots of fresh new ideas.

While I originally figured the tray would work as a jewelry dish, it turns out that a potted plant looks pretty cute in them too! I might make some more to act as drip trays for some of my smaller pots.

You can see how simple these are from this shot, just a few straight lines and a couple hand sewn stitches, so don’t be intimidated if you are new to sewing! This is a great sewing project for a beginner.

It’s hard to capture the backing fabric well but they’re both vivid, smaller scale cotton prints. I need some more florals in my mix, I think that would look great on the back!

How To Make a Fabric Tray - let your kids join in and paint fabric to make a gift for Mother's Day! Fabric trinket trays are a great beginner sewing project that uses up fabric scraps. #ad #hallmarkformom #socialfabric

Ready to make one of your own?


  • Fat quarters of fabric – one for painting & one for an accent
  • Large scrap of quilt batting
  • Embroidery floss or thicker thread
  • Chopstick or pen to push the corners out
  • Wonder clips or pins
  • Freezer paper or marking pen
  • Quilt ruler
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
  • Iron and presser cloth


1- Cut your fabric into roughly 9″ squares and let the kids get to painting! Fabric paint isn’t necessary since this won’t be washed frequently, but keep in mind that thick layers of paint will be difficult to sew through.

2- After it has dried, trim the painted fabric to 6″ square and then cut a matching piece of batting and backing fabric

3- Layer the fashion fabrics right sides together and top with the batting scrap

4- Sew along all 3 sides, leaving a small gap for turning. Clip the corners, making sure not to clip through the stitching.

5- Gently pull the square right side out through the gap, press out the corners with a chopstick and press the opening’s seam allowances back inside. Press gently with a presser cloth (any plain light colored fabric scrap will do; the paint can otherwise melt on to your iron) and then topstitch around the edges. Tip: if your top and bottom are different colors, use a different colored bobbin thread to keep it all camouflaged.

6-Mark out a 3″ square, centered, and sew around it. I like using freezer paper for things like this; you just iron it shiny-side-down and it sticks temporarily. You can also just sketch it out with a tracing pencil.

7-Pin each corner pinched together, adjusting so they all look even.

8-Use embroidery floss or perle cotton to sew a few stitches and secure each corner in place, and you’re done!

Picking out a card to go with it is much faster and just as fun; find Hallmark digital coupon offers here and more Mother’s Day inspiration here. What would your mom store in these; jewelery or sewing notions?

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  1. These are really neat! I love that they have so many uses! What a fun gift! And I LOVE the Hallmark Signature cards! Especially the wooden one! #client

  2. Lovely! The hand-painting is a really nice touch. My mom would use these for jewelry, but she’s enough of a chocolate addict (it runs in the family 😉 that it might work for (wrapped) chocolate candy, too!

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