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Sewing Blogger Interview – Deanna from Sew McCool

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Deanna Sew McCool

An unexpected side effect of researching for my social sewing calendar has been finding new bloggers when they host them! I stumbled on Sew McCool when Deanna was hosting an Ottobre sew along (I am ashamed to say I have an Ottobre and STILL haven’t tried a pattern from it, over a year later).

I always look forward to her craft business posts for both bloggers and hobbyists- this post on “Why We Shouldn’t Rely on Pinterest Views to Build Blog Readership” is a must read for all bloggers new and old. She also shares a bunch of easy, clear tutorials for sewing projects – I never hesitate to send anyone over when they are beginning sewists. Like this tote bag tutorial and fabric egg pattern (I used it last Easter!). She also runs Birdsong Patterns with some adorable clothing, accessory, and craft patterns.

In preparation for a mini-maternity leave I asked some of my favorite bloggers to answer a few questions, read on to hear more from Deanna!

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Ribbons & Rosettes Book

What drives you to create things?

I’ve always created and crafted. There’s something so fabulous about making practical “things” for ourselves, I think. Over my life I’ve studied drawing (in college), wood burning and pottery (after college), knitting, ribbon work (and even published a book about it last year, “50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make*,” available in bookstores, craft stores and Amazon), quilting, and now garment sewing. I don’t know what drives me exactly, but I do know that I get crabby when I don’t create. In some ways it’s my form of therapy. In other ways, it’s my way of lashing out against blatant consumerism. I feel “green” when I’ve created and not purchased something. And in other ways it’s my form of bragging. Because no matter how humble we are or wish to be, there’s something kinda cool when people compliment us on our work, right? 🙂

[Stephanie – SO TRUE. I love when people ask where I bought something that I made, it feels good!]

Do you have any exciting projects, patterns, life changes, and/or blog changes planned for 2015?  

I took a 6-week sabbatical from blogging from the end of February through mid-April to explore, create, and figure out the direction I wanted to take my blog in. For a year I had dabbled in all sorts of sewing and ribbon crafts and fiber crafts. In addition, I wrote articles about craft business topics. But for a variety of reasons I knew I needed to take a step back and narrow my focus. Though I will continue doing quilting, craft sewing, and some ribbon work for myself in my personal time, my blog will focus primarily on garment sewing – including reviews and tutorials – as well as in-depth, magazine-length news articles about issues that affect us as sewists. I’m also headed back into pattern design, specifically with knit and (later this year) active wear fabrics.

sewing with laminate fabric

What are 2 of your favorite posts from your own blog & why?

I’ve always been a non-fiction writer, so I enjoy writing both “news” types of posts as well as “how to” posts.   In this post, I teach sewists how to sew with a fabric we don’t always use – laminated fabric – and thoroughly enjoyed the project I was featuring, the colors, and the challenges of photographing a shiny fabric. It was just the right amount of “fun sewing” and “challenge” for me.   In this post, I really enjoyed teaching people a little more about how copyright laws affect their creative businesses and their blog posts here in the U.S. It’s a complex topic and one I loved sinking my teeth into.

I enjoy writing in a combination of first-person and “magazine” style, and it’s fun for me to work out an article that flows well and gives people more than just surface knowledge they might have read before. Blog posts are usually short, but for newsy-type features it’s my goal to dig deeper than most – I want people to feel satisfied that they really learned something after reading an article I wrote.

What creative maker, blogger, or shop owner has caught your eye recently?

I’ve recently discovered Madalynne. I like her style and the emphasis on quality tutorials. Plus, for some reason I’m a little obsessed with the idea of sewing my own bras, and she has so much to teach. You can find her at

Has anything about blogging surprised you? 

I’m surprised about the sheer number of bloggers, as well as how hard it is to find our own niches – what makes each blogger different from another. And if a blogger wants to make money with her blog (rather than combining it with pattern design, selling finished projects, etc.), there’s so much backlash….like how dare that woman attempt to make money with a blog – whether it be by placing ads, working with brands, or inserting affiliate links. Women are hard on each other, and it’s disappointing. Blogging can be fun and I love it, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t mention that it’s also a unique work environment with some non-traditional “issues.” I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers and have made life-long friends, but I’ve also seen the darker side of the public’s perception about blogging and their perceived value of arts, crafts, writing and photography.

What’s one creative technique/medium/style you haven’t tried?

I’ve never learned how to crochet! I learned how to knit and made sweaters and all sorts of things, but have never crocheted. My Hungarian grandmother crocheted like a fiend (we used to joke that she could crochet in her sleep) and I inherited her needles, but still haven’t taken the time to learn how to crochet!


My Mom was just commenting that I “ought to” learn how to crochet – I am a complete yarn novice and do not have any inherited needles like Deanna does! After reading, I’m excited to see what new patterns she has in store this year.

Do you have any questions for Deanna? Ask them in the comments and I’ll make sure she sees them!

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Jessica Pierce

Friday 10th of April 2015

I loved learning more about Deanna. It's funny to me that it took being basically on bed rest when I was pregnant with the twins for me to teach myself to crochet. I quickly realized I found it far more relaxing than knitting! I can easily stop and start a project (which is imperative with the kids around) without stressing about my needles dropping stitches. Plus, I love amigurumi.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Sunday 12th of April 2015

I LOVE amigurumi, I always check out the books from the library and page through them longingly haha!! The stopping and starting is definitely appealing, I didn't know that about crochet vs. knitting :)

Deanna McCool

Thursday 9th of April 2015

Thanks, Stephanie, for letting me visit today! :) :) Let's learn how to crochet!!

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