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Vintage V-Neck Pattern Review

Vintage Vneck Review

Why am I just now posting a pattern review for something I sewed last summer, the Vintage V-neck from Blank Slate Patterns? I originally made this shirt for a series on Gracious Threads that was focused on ‘Embellish is for BOY!’; I was showing off reverse applique as an option in my post. I really struggled with this- I printed it a second time and sewed 3 different versions (this is the third) because I was convinced it was me and not the pattern. After gaining more experience, looking at other versions online, and reading other people’s comments in Facebook groups I am more confident that it was *not* me and I feel obligated to share what is an mostly negative review.

Vintage Vneck

I never intended for this to be a review, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of helpful pictures. The one above is the best shot of the neckline, which is definitely not perfect. My son has a big head (99%) and the 2T neckline didn’t even come close to fitting over it; this is a 2t shirt with the 3T neckline and it was still a tight squeeze.

I have more of my thoughts/issues detailed below, but I also wanted to share how big of a discussion this post raised in the creative/sewing blogger group I admin. I had asked if I should contact the designer, Melissa, before I shared my thoughts. Some said yes, some said no, some people privately messaged me and warned me to think twice before I shared anything negative about a popular/big designer. I decided not to email her because.. I have nothing to ask for! I bought this a long time ago, as a part of the Sew Fab bundle so I don’t want my money back. I don’t really need help; I found a better tutorial for the neckline and have since practiced the same style in other patterns.

So why post it? A few people said they minimized issues with patterns but still mentioned them in posts. Some people said if they couldn’t say anything nice, they simply didn’t post at all. But the whole point of a review, to me, is to share the good and the bad. Why would you care what I said if I wasn’t telling the truth? Or not telling you at all? So here I am, telling you what I thought. I don’t think this pattern is a good buy. I think Melissa is super nice, I sewed up another Blank Slate pattern (the Zippy jacket) and while I wish it had a lining, had no big issues with it. But this is what I thought of this pattern!

Reverse Applique Rhino

Pattern: Vintage V-Neck from Blank Slate Patterns Size 2T

Price & Sizing: $7.95 – 18m-8

Fabric I used: 2 Upcycled Tshirts

Changes I made: Cut the 3T Neckline for the size 2T, omitted the pocket

What I might do if I make it again: Frankly, I wouldn’t. I have no interest in sewing this again!

Overall thoughts on the garment:  My son doesn’t like it, because it still takes wiggling to get over his head. The length of sleeves and other fit areas are fine (and I love the reverse applique!)

Overall thoughts on the pattern:

I am not a fan. I think the neckline ribbing is too thick, the neck is too small, the pocket placement is awkward, and the technique for attaching the neckline leaves something to be desired. This tutorial by Mingo and Grace on The Sewing Rabbit DID help; it had exactly the picture I needed, which was how to match up the points on the wrong side.

The rest of the instructions were fine; the length and sleeves are great, the pattern all lines up easily.

This is where the pocket was supposed to be for a 2t, on the second shirt before I could get the neckline big enough.

Other versions I found online:

There are a bunch of posts from when this was in the Sew Fab bundle (where my pattern came from as well).

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Wednesday 8th of April 2015

Hi Stephanie. While you certainly did not need to reach out to me about doing an honest review, I do wish you had reached out when having sewing issues. I am always happy to hear from my customers and explain things in a different manner to help. That's one huge advantage of indie sewing patterns - the designer is always on call!

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