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Sewing with Grommets – Try Something New Every Month for June

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Grommet DIY

This is my June attempt to Try Something New Every Month for 2015; you can see my other past projects and read more about TSNEM here. I inserted grommets for the first time while working on an upcoming pattern and was surprised how easy it was. I rounded up a bunch of tutorials and ideas for using grommets in this post, so many different ways to use them!

I have a gigantic craft “stash” – I can’t resist scooping up other people’s bags of sewing stuff at estate sales or Goodwill Outlet. I had a package of grommets and a tool set from a big Ziploc filled with notions, and it makes me feel good knowing I am actually using someone else’s UFO supplies. I guess they needed to TSNEM too! I’m working on a fun kid backpack pattern for One Thimble and I knew I had to suck it up and try grommets to get the look and function I wanted.

Grommet Hammer

I dug in our garage tools to find this sledgehammer, which was probably a little overkill.

grommet mistake

Whoops! I read the directions on the back but got distracted and put one on backwards. Dumb mistake, but fortunately it is only a prototype!

Dritz Grommets

This is the set I used, I’m going to price compare Amazon to Jo-Ann Fabrics and see which has the better deal for another set since I prefer silver!

Installing the grommets was incredibly easy, I’m not sure why I never tried before or why they were somewhat intimidating. I’ll definitely be brainstorming ways to use grommets in future projects!

Sewing with grommets

See what other bloggers tried for TSNEM this month:

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Anna (64ColorBox)

Friday 26th of June 2015

I tried out fabric markers for my try something new this month.

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