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12 Creative Grommet DIYs & Sewing Tutorials

Creative Grommet Tutorials

Grommets! Those funny little metal circles that look really polished and professional. They intimidated me a little, but for no good reason. You can see my first attempt at grommets in my TSNEM post here, as a part of my yearly Try Something New Every Month challenge.

As always, when preparing myself to try a craft technique I found loads of ideas and tutorials that were inspiring and wanted to share them!

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When I installed mine  I just used the instructions on the back of the box, but Sew4Home has a clear tutorial if you prefer more photographs. Someone recently told me that you can get grommets for dirt cheap on Amazon, of course, so I’m ordering this kit* for my next project!

Random grommet goodies:

  • I love this idea for stitching around a grommet to add a little color.
  • This tip for making a picnic blanket wind-proof from Infarrantly Creative is so smart!
  • I was really excited to find some clever refashions or apparel grommets but didn’t find anything I just loved. Here are a few Pinterest boards with fashion inspiration: 1 , 2 , 3.

Here are 12 of my favorite tutorials that use grommets!

Yarn Tote

1.  Yarn Tote Tutorial from Cherished Bliss

Quiet Book Cover

2.  Quiet Book Cover from Imagine Our Life

Grommet Change Purse

3. Grommet Change Purse from Brit + Co

Fabric Storage Boxes

4. Fabric Storage Baskets from Stitched By Crystal for Make It & Love It (Don’t want to sew? Make these cardboard ones from I Heart Organizing!)

Cell Phone Carrier

5. Stroller Cell Phone Carrier from Made To Be A Momma (how cool are these giant grommets!*)

Beach Tote

6. Beach Tote from Radiant Home Studio

Grommet TIssue Box Cover

7. Fabric Tissue Box Cover from Make It & Love It

Tulika Tote

8. Tulika Tote from Make It Handmade for Riley Blake Designs

Grommet Drawstring Bag

9. Jeni Gym Bag from I’m A Ginger Monkey for Art Gallery Fabrics

Lego Storage Bag DIY

10. Lego Playmat/Storage Bag from Freshly Pieced

11. Curtain Tieback from Pretty Prudent

Grommet Keychain

12. Keychain Fob from Jedi Craft Girl

Grommet Tutorials

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  1. Lots of fun ideas! I was thinking of doing a tote bag upgrade with grommets in some sort of shape on the front. Thanks for sharing my beach bag!

  2. […] I did add one detail – a grommet! I saw (on Pinterest) a knitting project bag with a hole to pull the yarn out and thought it was so cute. Hopefully it will be useful too, I know my Mom’s cats love to fiddle with her yarn so maybe it will foil their shenanigans. It was a little tricky inserting the grommet once the bag was assembled, but using some washi tape to hold each side in place while I hammered worked out well. If you haven’t used grommets before, they are super easy, I have a round-up of project ideas using them here! […]

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