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Stitch Love – An Embroidery Book Review

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I have my monthly book review ready, and it’s for Stitch Love! Mollie, the author, blogs at Wild Olive and is an all -around awesome Internet person who is super responsive and helpful. She offers up so many awesome free projects and designs, there was no question in my mind that I’d buy her book and support her work! You can see the smiley Death Star that I embroidered for my son’s shirt in this post, from her design.

There was a #stitchlovealong on Instagram, and I had hoped to participate in all 3 weeks but it didn’t happen. I did embroider a silly little volcano on a denim apron we inherited – my son is fascinated by volcanoes so he was delighted!

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Stitch Love by Mollie Johanson

This book is so fun; it has projects, then a bunch of embroidery designs, and then an appendix with some sewing and embroidery tips. I personally find myself needing to see video of embroidery stitches, and always end up Youtubing, but she has clear diagrams and word descriptions if that’s your style.

Pocket Pal Embroidery

First week of the stitch along was to use the Pocket Pal idea, which is such a fun one.

embroidered boy's apron

I’m not entirely sure where this apron came from, I think it was a handmedown, but it is on the plain side. Perfect for embroidering!

Volcano Embroidery from Stitch Love

Look at that happy volcano peeking out! My son was highly amused.

Book: Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small: Cute Kitties and Cows and Cubs and More…and a Yeti*

Publisher: Lark Crafts

Focus: Cute, cute, cute projects and embroidery designs. They’re all done in simple stitch designs, so perfect for a beginner.

Project List Overview:

Projects (embroider-able sewing tutorials/patterns)

  • Awesome Outback Plush Trio
  • Darling Dachshund Wrist Rest
  • Doodle Doo Apron
  • Festive Forest Friends Felt Ornaments
  • Flighty Frog Pond Game
  • Fluttery Butterfly Pencil Topper
  • Frozen Yeti Ice Pack
  • Gleeful Guinea Pig Plush
  • Glowing Fireflies Jar
  • Happy Hedgehog Family Stroller Quilt
  • Holiday Mouse Furoshiki Cloth
  • Hungry Critter Placemats
  • Inquisitive Owl Doorknob Hanger
  • Ladybug Leaf Bag Tag
  • Little Brown Bat Cap
  • Pleasant Pet Shop Quiet Book
  • Pocket Pal Shirt
  • Precious Possum Hanging Sachet
  • Restless Robin Drawstring Pouch
  • Sleepy Kitty Sleep Shorts
  • Sniffly Sea Turtle Tissue Cozy
  • Swift Snail’s Trail Sweater
  • Undersea Buddies Brooch Trio
  • Whimsical Whale Wristlet
  • Wild Animal Finger Puppets


embroidered mouse

I haven’t used or made a furoshiki cloth, but I love the concept and this little mouse is so adorable! What a sweet way to jazz up a baked good for gifting.

Motifs (embroidery designs)

  • Arctic
  • Outback
  • Farm
  • Mountain
  • Prairie
  • Holiday
  • Pets
  • Dinos
  • Fantasy
  • Backyard
  • Wild
  • Sea
  • Woodland

embroidery motifs from Stitch Love

This is a shot of the embroidery motifs, sorted by theme. I love the fantasy creatures!


  • I think these projects have truly universal appeal – boys, girls, adults, kids. The sewing projects cover everyone and you’d be hard pressed to find an embroidery motif that wouldn’t fit into any theme or style.
  • The sewing projects are unique! Cute twists, new ideas, I haven’t seen many of these things before and that’s always appealing.
  • You can download full-size templates online (instead of enlarging them on a copier, which is also an option).
  • While they aren’t expressly marketed as such, all of the projects would make such great gifts!
  • There is a yeti! A unicorn! A volcano! Unique little critters to embroider are a big win.


  • I think some of the projects sewn as-is/instructed wouldn’t hold up to very frequent washing – which is a necessity with my kids/house! I didn’t do any of the sewing projects, obviously, but would tweak many of them to be machine sewn in addition to hand sewn, use fusible web for the appliques, finish the seams, etc.
  • So this is a silly negative but I can’t handle that many tiny smiley faces! I knew this ahead of time, because all of her work has little smiles, and obviously it’s easy to remove them, but sometimes I have trouble picturing things a little less “cutesy”.
  • She notes that any fabric can be used for embroidery, which is true as far as I know, but I think knit fabric works much better when it is interfaced or stabilized, so I would’ve mentioned that!


Here is a shot of the technical illustration & pattern page to give you an idea of what those look like!

Technical Sewing Drawing

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Sharing is caring!

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Katy M.

Friday 11th of September 2015

I actually follow Mollie's blog...I'm not an embroiderer but I love seeing what she makes. This book is super sweet!!

vicky myers

Tuesday 1st of September 2015

An interesting read. I have to admit I would not have picked the book up thinking its too cute, but your review has changed my mind. I like the photo of the embroidery motifs.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

I'm the same way - if I didn't "know" Mollie I would've passed it up but I'm glad I do/didn't because it has some really great ideas, and it's easy to leave the smiley off :)

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