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UFO (UnFinished Object) Resolution Update

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Craft update

At the beginning of the year, I confessed a bunch of projects that I had bought supplies for and forgotten about, as well as supplies I bought without any specific plan for, in this post. I’ve posted quarterly updates for my blogging goals and thought I’d post a mid-year update on how tackling UFOs had been going too. This is one of those posts that I doubt many people will read or connect with, but it motivates me to type it all out and maybe will inspire someone else to evaluate their UFO situation!

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Projects I have planned or started but haven’t finished:

A Sew Liberated carpet bag that was initially a part of this challenge, way back when. I bought fabric that I decided I didn’t like, and then never got back to it.

  • Nope. Still haven’t found fabric I like, but have been eyeing the newest Cotton + Steel canvas but am nervous about using it on a pattern I’ve never sewn before!

Duvet cover, curtains, and body pillow covers for my son’s room

  • Mostly done! I bought and pieced the fabric for the duvet cover.. and realized it had shrunk more than I anticipated, and is too small. Embarrassing. Frustrating. So I’ve just been ignoring it, because his duvet is cute on its own anyways. Curtains & body pillows can be seen in this post!

Three projects that were supposed to be Christmas presents for this year but didn’t get done

  • UGH. I really needed to have written myself a note what these were. I have no idea. So, my guilt is absolved, and hopefully I finished them and sent them off ha!

A quilt for my husband using this tutorial from Persia Lou (I “gave” him this for Christmas… 2013!! So, so embarrassing. I am intimidated by quilting, but am working on squaring up the blocks right now!)

  • Done! SUCH A RELIEF to have this done and gifted, see pictures of it in this post.

This first attempt at cross-stitching (I now know I was using too much thread, after misreading directions!)

  • Done! I’ll be posting about it closer to Halloween, but it turned out so cute.

2013 Family Year Book (digital via Mypublisher)

2014 Family Year Book (digital via Mypublisher)

  • Done! Peek at the cover, here. I’ve been better about keeping photos organized month to month, for this year’s version.

Two different patterns for Swoodson Says

Fabric/Supplies I bought & haven’t used yet

Metal Stamping Kit

  • Why did I buy this?! Still haven’t used it. Don’t remember my original plan. Would love some suggestions – I don’t really wear jewelry since the baby would just chew it!

2 yards of this faux bois fabric, also for his room

  • He told me he didn’t like it.. sooo it’s going to stay unused for the forseeable future until I come up with a new plan.

Chenille Cutter*

  • Glad for the reminder! Still haven’t used it, refreshing my memory and brainstorming.

16″ Carpet Bag Frame

  • Linked to the above carpet bag pattern, working on it!

Simplicity Bias Tape Maker*

Softie Squeaker/Rattles

Knit Iowa fabric for a shirt to give my husband

Woodburning Pen*

2 yard of this constellation fabric for my son’s ‘Urban Camping’ room makeover

  • Done! Used as a body pillow cover, can be seen in this post!

So, I’m feeling pretty good! How about you? How are your UFOs been going?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Sharing is Caring

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