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Washi Tape Crafts – A Book Review

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A craft book review of Washi Tape Crafts, on Swoodsonsays.comWashi Tape! They sell the colorful tape everywhere these days, and it’s a fun, cheap impulse buy. I have lots of rolls but haven’t done anything too creative with it – so I was excited to get a chance to check out the book Washi Tape Crafts, by Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks! fame.

I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher; all opinions are my own, of course.

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free sewing printable

I’ve mainly used washi tape for two purposes – hanging stuff on the wall, as seen above (free printable in this post!), and decorating envelope closures when I send Halloween and Christmas cards.

washi tape silhouetteI tried the ‘Pet Silhouette Art’ project (page 45), and it was such a quick and easy craft. I love my dog, but he is a shih-tzu mix and his silhouette is… basically a shaggy blob with his flat nose/face and droopy ears. I decided to do the state of Iowa; I’ve been slowly building the artwork on my daughter’s wall and thought it would be a fun addition!

washi tape crafting

The project is so clever, utilizing contact paper to make it super easy. I did one on the incorrect side of the contact paper, foolishly, so make sure you’re making it so the sticky side is going to end up underneath the tape. It took longer for me to explain what I’d done wrong to my husband than it took to redo it on the correct side.

Iowa silhouette wall art

I love how it turned out! I’m trying to think of a fun silhouette on a larger scale for our playroom’s wall. I used the outline to stick on to a little envelope, my great Grandma-in-law will be so tickled when I write her a note.

washi tape envelope

I think this book would make a great gift since it has the rolls attached, and literally anyone could do many of the crafts inside. Perfect for someone who wants to be crafty, or doesn’t know where to start.

mini washi tape rolls

nursery wall

I’m not in love with how the frames are laid out as I go, but I’d much rather have the fun artwork on the wall to enjoy, and edit the layout later.

nursery wall

I think it is especially cute next to the little embroidered squirrel I made and finally hung up!

washi tape book

Book: Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Ways to Decorate Just About Anything by Amy Anderson*

Publisher: Workman Publishing

Focus: Using washi tape to decorate and to make crafts  focusing on home dec, giftables, wearables, and kid’s toys.

Project List Overview:

Goods and Gifts: Dressed-Up Notebooks / Friendly Photo Coasters / Personalized Coffee Tumbler / Custom Clipboard / Pet Silhouette Art / 5-Minute Garden Markers / Dress ’em Up Clothing Hangers / Wrapped Paier-Mache Letters / Absolutely Magnetic / Simple striped Frame / Quick-and-Easy Gift Tags / Out-of-the-Box Gift Wrap / Easy-to-Embellish Envelopes / Cord Organization System / Priceless Photo Mat

washi tape clothespin wreath

Home Decor: Statement Ceiling Fan / Gnomenclature Bookends / Shipshape Wall Art / Paper Planes Wall Mural / Cross-Stitch Canvas / Switch Plate Update / Wooden Washi Tray / Wishy-Washi Window Blinds / Tumbling Gems Table Runner / Clothespin Wreath / Faux Wallpaper / Dreamy Headboard / Sofa Stem Refresh / Dry-Erase Labels / Faux Floor Rug / Insta-Wall Art / Upcycled Desk Organizer / Sweet Spice Jars /Photo-Transfer Pillow / Cheery Chair Upgrade / Woven-Top End Table / Washi Wall Frames / Scrappy Jar Storage / Colorblock Wall Clock / Charming Chore Chart  Winning Window Decals / Dollar Store Home Decor Vases / Doodle Dry-Erase Board / Decorated Door

Jewelry and Fashion: Bold Bangle Bracelets / Bohemian Belt Buckle / Designer Shades / DIY Envelope Clutch / Handsom eHair Clips / Playful Pinwheel Earrings / Charmed Bracelet / Make It Modern Pendant / Tromp l’Oeil Faux-Pocket Tee / Glamour Rings / Jewelry Hanger/ Headband du Jour / Wooden Wonder Bead Necklace / Popsicle Stick Bracelets / Custom Nail Art / Washi Brooch Bouquet

Holidays and Celebrations: Pretty Party Cups and Spoons / No-Sew, No-Glue Party Bunting / Punched-Up Party Hats / Perfect Package Gift Bow / Faux Floral Bouquet / Valentine Gift Boxes / Easter Egg Wreath / Paper Party Lanterns / Award-Winning Ribbon / Favor Take-Out Boxes / Festive Votive Holders / Party Mask / Moonlit Mummy Lanterns / Spooky Treat Bags / Jack-o’-Lamp / Costumed Pumpkins / Fluttery Feather Napkin Rings / Fringed Party Banner / Sensational Swizzle Sticks / Classic Photo Booth Props / Pretty Place Cards / Super Straw Flags / Marvelous Matchbox Favors / Modern Menorah / 2-D Christmas Tree / Advent Calendar Mobile / HOliday Gift Stationery Set / Jolly Holiday Ornaments / Yuletide Candles / Mini Pallet Coasters

washi tape play mat

Just For Fun: Wooden Matching Game / Washi Tape ID System / Washi Tape Dowel Display / Decorated Keyboard / Color-coded Day Planner / Washi Tape Dispenser / Easy Breezy Bicycle / Bonny Business Cards / Fancy Bandages for Boo-Boos / Fold-Up Play Mat / Snappy Cell Phone Cover / Spiffy Reusable Strips / Key Identification / Tiny Tin Storage / Sewing Tape Measure / Number Flash Cards ?Whimsical Ribbon Wand / Crafty Stick Frame / Patchwork Puzzle / City Skyline Tablet Case Makeover


  • The 10 little rolls of washi tape are a fun bonus!
  • There is a really wide range of skill and supplies required, making this an accessible book for anyone to pick up and use.
  • Many of the ideas would be easy for tweens & teens to do.
  • There is a bunch of general tips and information in the front, with clear pictures.
  • I really appreciate that Amy included both contributor references in the back but also inspiration references. Everyone is inspired by everything, but it’s nice of her to acknowledge specific influences.
  • washi tape technique


  • All of the tutorials/instructions are text only, no illustrations or pictures for processes. For many of the projects it would be overkill anyways, but there are a few that I’m guessing they’d be useful for.
  • The book is small. When I was flipping through it, I had trouble getting it to lay flat – minor annoyance but still. I can see where small would be a bonus for some people, but I prefer craft books that are big and lie flat easily!


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Check out this craft book all about washi tape crafts! Lots of ideas and beginner friendly washi tape projects. #washitape

A craft book review of Washi Tape Crafts on

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Amy Anderson

Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

Thank you so much for sharing Stephanie!! I love your little art - it's so cute! xo

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

Absolutely, thanks for letting me check it out! I'll definitely be making more things out of it :)

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