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11 embroidery hoop stand options

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11 embroidery hoop stand options

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embroidery hoop stand

I have never used an embroidery hoop stand but three separate readers have emailed me either raving about them or asking me about them. I researched, read reviews, and now have a list of different options and varying price points. It sounds like they are especially helpful for large projects or super detailed ones, if you have mobility issues, or want to use a magnifying light over top. Have you tried one? I’d love to hear what you liked about it!

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Embroidery hoop stand options

Pin this list of embroidery hoop stand options with this link and this photo:

Free up both hands with a genius embroidery hoop stand! This curated list has several different styles that allow you to sit at a table, stand, or sit in a chair while embroidery. #embroidery #handembroidery #crossstitch #needlework

Embroidery lap stand

Morgan Products embroidery lap stand – this looks like a comfortable design and has great reviews.

(not pictured)

Adjustable embroidery lap hoop –  more angular but also maybe sturdier, this frame is more adjustable.

Standing embroidery frame

Frank A. Edmunds standing embroidery frame .

Frank Edmunds & Co. standing embroidery hoop.

Embroidery frame stand

Elbesee embroidery stand that clamps to a table – this would be really handy if you have a craft desk or cutting table.

(not pictured)

Sonata embroidery hoop that sits on a table- shaped slightly different but looks super sturdy, this has happy customers.

Beechwood embroidery footed frame that sits on a table – this looks like a piece of art! Relatively compact and looks really easy to use.

How to DIY an embroidery lap stand

I found 3 options that look do-able!

The Art of Doing Stuff has a diy rug hooking stand that I think would be easy to hack for embroidery.

Dempsey Woodworking has building plans for how to make a proper diy standing embroidery hoop.

Last but not least, a video for making a hoop stand similar to the very first one I linked.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.