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35+ creative quilt label ideas

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35+ creative quilt label ideas – a list of quilt label tutorial ideas, quilt labels to buy, and quilt label inspiration.

35+ creative quilt label ideas

Label your quilts!! I’ve come across so many beautiful handmade quilts at antique malls and thrift shops without any information about them (though I’m glad they weren’t thrown away, at least). I’ve been saved creative ideas over the years and now finished it up into a big list to share, including what to say on quilting labels as well as different methods for making diy quilt labels! Please let me know if you have ideas I didn’t cover, I’d love to keep growing this list of inspiration!

Snarky quilt sewing label

This is my label, though I don’t remember where I ordered them from, I think I have some room for improvement after resarching this more, haha. On a practical note, Martingale Books has some practical tips/tutorials on how to attach some of the common types of labels.

You’ll see examples below but for simplicity’s sake I’ll list the main ones here – there are several different ways to make a quilt label:

machine embroidered quilt label

This was a labeled quilt I found at the thrift store 🙁 It lives on with us, loved and used!

If you’re wondering about adding quilting labels what to say, here are some ideas along with examples listed below:
  • who made the quilt
  • what year the quilt was made
  • who the quilt was made for
  • how long the quilt took to make
  • care instructions/fiber content
  • why the quilt was made
  • meaningful quotes about the quilt or gifting the quilt
  • the quilt pattern
  • background information about when the quilt was made

printable sewing template

Another idea if you want to do a smaller quilt label, is to then print my free journal template and include it in a card so they have fun info along with it!

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how to make a quilt label

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35+ creative quilt label ideas

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