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10 DIY Babywearing Coat Tutorials

DIY babywearing coat and carrier cover tutorials

I love babywearing! It’s definitely one of my tips for sewing when you have a young kid at home (here are the rest of the tips!), and aside from my creativity it helps me keep my daily sanity. With my first/son, we could just stay inside when it got too cold but with my second/daughter I’m not going to have that option. There are several ways to keep warm, but most of the ready-made options you can buy are extremely expensive. I rounded up 10 different ways to stay warm on the cheap, while babywearing. If you’re the crunchy sewing type (which I say with affection!), you might also want to check out my round-up of nursing friendly sewing patterns/tutorials!

DIY Babywearing Coat Tutorials and Hacks
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I couldn’t believe how expensive the coats & hoodies were on Amazon*, I’m not even tempted to buy retail for these! I’ve also thought about trying to adapt the asymmetrical zipper hoodie from EYMM* or the new Hyde Park Hoodie from PAB* and A Sparkly Baby just came out with the Epic Babywearing Hoodie*!

SSC Blanket Cozy

1. Yellow Suitcase Studio had a good idea for more moderate temperatures, with a snug blanket that fits over a SSC (soft structured carrer)

[not pictured]

2. Minikin Pin added a custom insert but also some clever cords to keep it cinched and warm from the wind

diy babywearing coat

3. This tutorial from Ocah Custom Carriers uses two fleece jackets to create a handy insert; only works with front carries.

diy babywearing cover

4. It’s A Powers Full Life shows us how to create a cutout in the back of a conventional coat, perfect for back carries.

no sew babywearing coat

5. A no sew suggestion from Onya Baby – super clever! It can be easy to fall prey to Facebook/Pinterest and decide you simply MUST buy X Y or Z but this is a great fix for that!


6. Another no sew option from Fine and Fair, this is a shaped poncho that looks super cozy

diy babywearing sewing tutorial

7. A Hippie With A Minivan adds a fabric panel to a coat, instead of mashing two coats together

8. Kitchen Clutter creates a lined slit so an older kiddo’s head can just pop out – and it doesn’t look too strange sans kid either!

[not pictured]

9. Barefoot Buttercup split a seam and created a mega hood for a neat alternative

babywearing fleece coat insert

10. Bird and Goose used some fleece and a zipper to create an insert, quick and easy.

Get outdoors hands free, with this convertible hip pouch sewing tutorial! Slide it onto your baby carrier, your belt, or use the wrist strap and get outdoors with your essentials. The perfect thing to sew for the outdoorsy person in your life.

This isn’t a coat, but if you do a lot of babywearing, check out my tutorial for a hip pouch too!


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