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Easy coaster sewing pattern

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Easy coaster sewing pattern

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As you can tell from all my posts about using up fabric scraps and upcycle sewing projects, reducing waste is always at the back of my mind. For better or worse, adding a second kid into our mix this year has loosened some of my standards. I’m hoping this upcycled, easy coaster sewing pattern will help us reduce our dish washing! There are plenty of days that I stick both kids in disposable diapers instead of cloth because it’s easier, and nights where I stop and get take-out, 2-liter and all, because I’m frazzled. But as my baby gets closer to being a toddler, and 2016 is around the corner, I’m planning on a New Year’s Resolution to be more conscious of making the extra effort to produce less trash!

embroidered coaster diy

I love how they turned out! The arrow print is bright and fun (the print is from Cotton + Steel!), and a coaster is a perfect way to liven up decor without overwhelming the entire room.

diy coaster sewing tutorial

This easy coaster sewing pattern is embroidered with each of our initials, so we can keep track of one glass throughout the day instead of constantly guessing who had what and sticking them in the dishwasher. If you don’t want to freestyle the letters, check out the easiest trick for transferring embroidery patterns and print one off instead!

You can pin this easy coaster sewing pattern for later, using this link and photo:

Follow this Easy coaster sewing pattern to make fun, scrappy coasters! Check out the trick for personalizing each one and cutting down on dishes. #sewing #halfsquaretriangle #handembroidery

cotton + steel patchwork coasters

The baby, at 9 months, is obviously too young to use it as intended, but I figured she’d be drinking from a glass and walking around before too long!

leather jacket upcycle































Staying true to my goal of reducing waste, I turned to my upcycle pile instead of going to the store to buy coordinating felt or suede. This old coat came from a Goodwill Outlet haul, and was perfect for the backing.

leather backed coaster diy

Using leather made the coasters extremely grippy, which is why I skipped the top-stitching/quilting.

If you’d like some other coaster options to apply the same embroidery idea to, check these out:

Coasters tend to get lost easily in our house, so I’ve made a few different kinds! You could add a stamp or more embroidery to these simple DIY felt coasters, marking each person’s name.

Use up your littlest scraps, sit down and take some quiet time to sew this english paper pieced hexagon coaster! No sewing machine required; it is easy to make in a single night and all hand stitched. Pair it with some tea for the perfect diy get well basket! Sponsored post with free tutorial. #epp #hexies #patchworkcoaster #sewing #sewingtutorial

These are a little more complicated, but could be personalized as well – DIY paper pieced hexagon coasters!

DIY coaster tutorial with Sodastream

This tutorial is sponsored by Sodastream, I actually used to demonstrate the machines as a part-time job, when I was pregnant with my son! They’re carbonation machines, if you’re not familiar, so you can reuse the same bottles over and over, just getting the tank refilled. A few of my friends who have them experiment with DIY flavor making but SodaStream does sell syrups as well, there are a bunch of options, all made without artificial coloring or sweeteners. It looks a little intimidating, but you literally just push the bottle on, press a button, pour the syrup in and enjoy. If you regularly buy sparkling water or soda, it can be a great way to cut down on bottle waste!

Ready to make your own?

Free, easy coaster sewing pattern



Cut 4 quilting cotton squares 5.5″X5.5″, 2 of each print. Cut (4) 5.5″X5.5″ squares of leather or suede.

Step 1

step 1

Pair two different print squares, right sides together. Draw a line from diagonal corner to diagonal corner.

Step 2

step 2

Sew on either side of the line you drew, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Cut along the line.

Step 3

step 3

Press your seams open.

Step 4

step 4

Trim each square to 5″ X 5″.

Step 5

step 5

Remember to work around 1/4″ seam allowance, and sketch out where your letter will go. If you prefer to top-stitch, mentally add an additional 1/4″ “no sew” area around the edges.

Step 6

step 6

Embroider your letter, press gently.

Step 7

step 7

Pair one leather square with your patchwork square, right sides together. Sew with 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ opening. Clip each corner, turn right side out, poke all corners out and press. Topstitch/quilt if desired – if you skip top-stitching, use a ladder stitch or fabric glue to close the opening.  You’re done with this easy coaster sewing pattern!

If you want to cut down on your own soda bottle pile, or make drink choices that are better for you, you can visit  to buy a SodaStream Power directly from them (free shipping!), or to locate your closest retailer.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions, what will yours be this year? Do you struggle with “I’ve had a long day, what will make my life easier” vs. “My carbon footprint is super-sized this week”, like I do?

Sharing is caring!

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Saturday 1st of September 2018

Woohoo! Maybe. My SodaStream is about 4 years old now. Pepsico just bought sodaStream! I anticipate lots of new things - improved flavors, fancier machines, more outlets for the syrup, and maybe lower prices? We use a larger CO2 canister meant for paintball, with a special adapter we bought online, so it is FAR less expensive, and we love it. We get it refilled at Dick's Sporting Goods for pennies. Every 4th refill is free! We keep two tanks so one's always working. Now some cute coasters like these to use up those impulse-bought fat quarters will be great!


Sunday 3rd of April 2016

If leather or suede is used for the backing of each coaster, I would think you wouldn't be able to wash them.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Sunday 3rd of April 2016

They wash fine! Suede gets darker but that is about it. Leather is just animal skin- so it can dry out and probably wouldn't be great for daily washing but once a month works fine to wash cold/line dry :)

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