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15+ cute magnetic needle holder ideas

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15+ cute magnetic needle holder ideas

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magnetic needle holder ideas

If you embroider or cross-stitch, you might already be using a magnetic needle holder to keep track of your needle! They are cute little accessories for needlework and hand quilting and I love seeing all the fun designs that people come up with. Great little gifts; I have a list of the best needle minders from independent shops and then a few ideas for how to make needle minders. Let me know if you are familiar with any of these shops or tried any of the needle minder DIY tutorials!

I usually just stick my needle through the excess fabric but lately I’ve been thinking about trying a needle minder after accidentally dropping my needle and wasting time trying to find it with this gadget. See what tools I do always use already, in this post of my top hand embroidery tools!

If you’re looking at these for gift ideas, consider pairing one with a cute modern hand embroidery kit, too! Need a project idea? Check out this list of halloween cross stitch patterns!

Please pin this collage of cute magnetic needle holders with this link and image, not the individual photos:

These needle minders are so cute! Check out these fun magnetic needle holder options to buy or DIY; they are great little gifts for embroidery and cross stitch stitchers. #handmebroidery #needleminder #crossstitch #needlework

If you need a place to stick your needleminders, check out this list of how to display enamel pins!

Magnetic needle holder options

funny needle minder

A de-motivational, funny, needle minder from The Snarky Crafter

cat needle minder

A sweet cat lady magnetic needle holder from The Snarky Crafter

floss boss needle minder

Sassy Floss Boss needle minder from Red Gate Stitchery

vintage camper embroidery needle minder

The cutest vintage camper needle minder from Flamingo Toes

An adorable flamingo magnetic needle holder from Flamingo Toes

A cross-stitch heart magnetic needle holder, for the romantic stitcher, from Stitchonomy

Another semi-snarky (but also beautiful!), funny needle minder from Stitchonomy

Beautiful, outdoorsy mountain magnetic needle holder from The Clever Clove

Too cute needlepointing hedgehog (seriously) needle minder from The Clever Clove

Unique preserved flower needle minder from Stitch Til You Drop

A little edgier skull & scissors cross bones magnetic needle holder from Tinkinstitches

Kitschy cool perler bead gnome needle minder from Tinkinstitches

Pretty little floral fox needle minder from The Pixel Parade

Needle minder DIY tutorials

Teeny tiny felt flying squirrel needle minder tutorial from Wild Olive

Easy to make diy needle minder idea from Flamingo Toes

Crazy clever needle minder on a bracelet tutorial from Pretty Piney

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