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How to make an EPP hexagon coaster

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How to make an EPP hexagon coaster

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english paper pieced coaster

I love EPP but I need little projects to keep me motivated. This is a hand sewing project that you can finish in one day, which is just my speed. Riley Blake Designs sent me the three fabrics used in the above sample, but all opinions are my own, I am obsessed with the Create line they’re from, designed by Kristy Lea from Quiet Play!

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When I was working on this tutorial, we were visiting family in the South and got to enjoy warmer temperatures than usual, I could even stitch outside! My Mom drinks tea every morning and her home is filled with handsewn hexies, so inspiration was everywhere. This small, mug coaster is made with 1″ hexagons.

rainbow english paper piecing

And for this mega coaster, I used 3″ hexies! This enlarged version would make a great trivet but I made it with my plants in mind.

plant coaster sewing tutorial

This is perfect for catching any dribbles out of drain holes, if you’re a houseplant collector like me.

rainbow hexagon fabric

I had so much fun fussy cutting these fabrics, there are a ton of colorways!

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Use up your littlest scraps, sit down and take some quiet time to sew this english paper pieced hexagon coaster! No sewing machine required; it is easy to make in a single night and all hand stitched. Pair it with some tea for the perfect diy get well basket! Sponsored post with free tutorial. #epp #hexies #patchworkcoaster #sewing #sewingtutorial

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I use all my favorite hand sewing tools in this project, you can see a full list here!

How To Make an EPP Hexie Coaster




Step 1- Cut out 7 paper hexies. Use a light dab of glue and put your paper hexie on your fabric, if you aren’t working with precut squares you can glue it and then cut with approximately 1/4″ around each edge. Use your finger or a bone folder/presser to tightly crease each edge along the paper.

Step 2- Knot the end of your thread and come up through the bottom to the top at once corner, taking one huge stitch across the edge, coming back down. Fold down the next edge’s fabric and take a small stitch through the fold, push up through the corner and repeat until you’re all the way around. Repeat until you have 7 hexies!

Step 3- Stitch them together with a whip stitch, just barely going through the edge of each side, not even 1/8″ of an inch in.

Step 4- Press with an iron, then remove the papers.

Step 5- Lay the hexies down on the wool felt and sew approximately 1/8″ from the edge, all around. Trim the felt flush with the edges or leave a small border around the edges (like I did!). You’re ready for relaxing or gifting!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.