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Free! Mega Dump Truck Floor Pillow Sewing Pattern Release

Free mega dump truck pillow sewing pattern! Grab some cheap fleece and sew up a comfy spot for kids to curl up and read. Perfect gift to sew for boys and girls, and to use up all your fabric scraps as stuffing! Swoodsonsays.com

My son LOVES trucks. He loves to wear trucks, play with trucks, has dreams about trucks, and can spot a truck from miles away when we are out and about. We always squabble about regulating what trucks can get in bed with him since he ends up rolling on top of them and waking up. Enter, the Mega Dump Truck Pillow! This sucker is big, my son is 3 and wearing 4/5t clothes and fits more than comfortably on it. It’s perfect for snuggling up to read, taking a nap, or pillow fighting! I have a whole bunch of other truck sewing ideas for kids, in this post.

I’m releasing it just in time for holiday gift sewing – you can download it for free in my shop. It would be perfectly paired with a dump truck book under the tree! Even though it’s big, it doesn’t take long to sew – it’s basically a giant applique.

giant floor pillow sewing pattern

I made this one for my son’s best buddy and added his name for some extra fun! My son was not thrilled that he has to wait for his own.

Back of dump truck pillow

I left the back plain, but you could reverse the shapes and applique to make it two-sided.

Mega floor pillow sewing pattern for snuggling

It makes a perfect crash landing pad if your kid is more of a jump and tumbler than a cuddle and reader.

Giant dump truck pillow

I had a few people who were kind enough to test the pattern out for me, Lindsay added a vinyl pocket over top and made it look like a friend’s work truck! I love the bright colors!

dump truck softie

I used two old fleece blankets for the front and back and then some scraps for the applique. I think the green blanket was a touch too stretchy, my applique got a little wonky around the edges but it snuggles just fine.

huge dump truck toy

I have the pattern written with just a front and back, it takes maybe an afternoon from print to finish.

3d dump truck

One of my other testers, Olga, added a 4 inch strip in between the top and bottom for a more 3-D look and said her son won’t get off of it!

Dump truck sewing pattern tester1

Lindsay used woven cotton for the applique, allowing her to mix in some fun prints.

Ready to get sewing? It pairs very well with my Little Driver Wheel, too!

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  1. My nephew is crazy for John Deere Tractors. I think I might try to make one into this pillow. Do you think it is possible. I am drawing challenged but willing to try

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