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Free Printable Dump Truck Valentine!

free printable dump truck valentine

My son’s love for trucks is long documented on the blog – last year I used this same design to make an appliqued t-shirt for him! He has been asking to host a party recently and I thought Valentine’s Day would be a perfect excuse. I know that he will enjoy handing out valentines to his little buddies but I wanted him to have fun making them too – so I created this dump truck valentine he could color. I added some candy “wheels” for fun – I figured with them being naturally flavored and colored, and nut free, it was a safe bet!

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free truck coloring printable for valentines day - fun DIY truck valentine idea for toddlers and preschoolers to make themselves and give to their buddies!

free truck valentine printable

The candies I used were Sunkist Fruit gems* – they are one of my favorites. $17 for 2 lbs of candy will cover a whole classroom and then some. I absolutely love these things – I ordered a bag and embarrassingly ate them all before I got around to taking pictures, so I had to order another one. I just used a bit of tape to attach them, it was easy.

Use this free printable valentine for your truck loving kid! Perfect for coloring, this DIY dump truck valentine will be a surefire hit.

He asks us to draw cement mixers and dump trucks all day long, so it didn’t take much prompting for him to get coloring. It was perfect- it kept him busy for half an hour and took me maybe ten minutes between printing & taping.

free truck valentine

I know some valentine’s collection boxes are designed for smaller cards – so I figured they would be easy to fold in half vertically! He can’t wait to hand them all out, although I am going to have a hard time keeping him from plucking all the candy off.

Want to print some for your own kid? Download & print your own dump truck valentine!

If you’re looking for more truck ideas, make sure to check out the free mega dump truck floor pillow pattern too.

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