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Free hand embroidered christmas ornaments patterns

Free hand embroidered christmas ornaments patterns

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Free hand embroidered Christmas ornaments patterns for your handmade holidays projects! Download the free ornament pdf patterns and stitch up these fancy designs to use as tree decorations, gift tags, or presents.

Free hand embroidered christmas ornaments patterns

I impulse bought these ornament-shaped embroidery frames a few years ago and kept stalling out on what to put inside. I finally finished some designs that fit inside and thought I’d share them! You can also use the same patterns inside a regular embroidery hoop and stitch a circle instead, I’ll work on making an example of that in the future. I think sequins are so much fun for holiday decorations and had a great time picking out the colors and stitch styles for these ornaments.

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The sky’s the limit for adding embellishments! I used seed beads and sequins but you could add all sorts of things.

joy embroidered ornament tutorial

I stitched up a second version with ‘joy’ as the text – the PDF also has a ‘peace’ option but I haven’t had a chance to try it myself!

seed beads embroidered ornament

Christmas ornaments are some of my favorite projects because they stitch up so quickly, even if you add fancy beads and embellishments.

embroidery hoop embroidered ornament tutorial

The pattern also has a circle drawn in if you want to stitch it as a whole bauble and use a regular hoop like the above! You can see the indentation of where the ornament-frame goes, that’s about where the circle is drawn on the pattern.

Pin this free hand embroidered Christmas ornaments patterns tutorial for later with this link or collage image:

Free hand embroidered christmas ornaments patterns pdf download

Free hand embroidered Christmas ornaments patterns



how to transfer ornament embroidery pattern

stitch chart embroidery ornaments

Step 1- Transfer the patterns and stitch! You can obviously do this any way you want but this is my preferred method, because I’m lazy. I haven’t tested this on plain cotton fabric so I’m not sure if it would fit the same but it can’t be that much different. I labeled the stitches I used above; you can check this page of simple embroidery stitches for the videos I like but also, experiment!
christmas embroidery project

Step 2- Trim away any excess transfer material, just makes life easier.

wash away embroidery transfer

Step 3- Gently rinse it off, I use a clean toothbrush to carefully agitate around the stitches, and lay flat to dry.
beading handmade ornament

Step 4- Time to add embellishments! I find this easier to do after the transfer paper is washed away.

back of embroidery hoop ornament

Step 5- This style of ornament frame is designed for woven cotton, so you’re supposed to be able to tuck it in and pop in this cute little circle. My wool felt was mega heavy so I just stitched around to secure, I don’t care how the back looks so I left it but you could alternately: 1. cut and stitch on a felt circle to cover. 2. Cut the raw edges flush to the wood and gently glue over top, and plug the circle in. 3. glue the wood circle on top!

You’re done! Let me know if you try this!

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Friday 10th of December 2021

PS - I’ve gone to the Resource Library, put what I’m looking for in the search bar and it brings me back to the directions. I then click on where I’m supposed to get the pattern and … it goes back to the directions. Please email me the pattern.


Friday 10th of December 2021

I hate to be whiny but I’ve tried to obtain these free patterns at least ten times and when I click the spot where you’re supposed to find them it brings me back to the same place … the link to click. This is so frustrating and time consuming. Please just email me the correct link at If this process can’t be designed to be easier I need to unsubscribe. I love you’re stuff but I don’t have time to fight with this. Sorry.

Samantha Anderson

Wednesday 1st of December 2021

How can I subscribe? I can't seem to find a link or a subscribe box anywhere.


Sunday 28th of November 2021

These are so lovely! The sequins and beads add a perfect charming flair. I think these would be a great addition to anyone's holiday decor. :D


Thursday 25th of November 2021

Where can I get the free embroidery patterns?

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Saturday 27th of November 2021

Hi Sue! The patterns are free for newsletter subscribers, there's a link to sign up in my sidebar or under 'supplies' :)

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