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Log Slice Pouf Tutorial for Birch Fabrics

Log Slice Pouf Tutorial - a fun woodland themed sewing pattern! Perfect to sew for a nursery or playroom.

I was lucky enough to work with Birch Fabrics again! You might remember the arrow pillow tutorial I did for their Serengeti line and now  I am so excited to share this project with you, from the re-release of their Circa 52 collection. I was envisioning a cuter version of the carpet squares our library uses for ‘sitting spots’ during story time and my son picked up on it right away, grabbing a book and plopping down. Handmade toys and kid things make my heart so happy – as you can see from my pattern shop & free tutorials, I make lots of them!

Log Slice Pouf Tutorial - a fun woodland themed sewing pattern! Perfect to sew for a nursery or playroom.

Birch Organics Circa52 Fabric

I used 4 Birch fabrics: Birch Organics Mod Basics in Solid Orange, Birch Organics Mod Basics in Shroom, Birch Organics Circa 52 in Tree Stripes Shroom, & Birch Organics Mod Basics in Woodland Friends. You can find them all at Fabricworm.com!

Squirrel Applique and Log Slice Embroidery

I made two poufs, one with a squirrel applique and one with hand-stitched “tree rings”.

Triangle Rug and Woodland Pouf

I’ll spare you a picture with my giganta-belly, but I fit just fine sitting on these too! You could also skip the fusible fleece & fabric scrap filling to make these throw pillows instead.

Click over for the full tutorial on the Birch Fabrics blog, and let me know what you think!

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  1. This is the cutest idea ever. I LOVE you focused on boys. I have a six year old daughter and two boys 3 and 10 months (today;)… Our playroom was originally decorated when El arrived – Now that the boys out measure the girls I am constantly searching for new fresh ideas and this tree stump cushion is it, (along with so many creations) . We still havent finsished the babies nursey ( He’s been with me – can you blame me??) and my closer to 4 year old is in the process of getting a big boy room. Both rooms ( and the play room ) have a nature feel. We actually are making two tables out of tree stumps tomorrow for each of their rooms. ( We had a gorgeous tree that had to be cut down and my husband kept the pieces (large stumps ) of the 100 year plan oak tree. I had been so annoyed that they sat there until I saw the table (on a very popular over priced furnishing store with a childrens division – HINT HINT ) the tree stump night stand end table etc.. was $350 and is on backorder. Etsy has them for well over 250. I say all that to say this tree stump pillow will get tons of use and tie everything together. I saw SO MANY great ideas, the beanie hat collection was right on too – I love little beanies on my sons especially as fall appraoches for the little one ( peachy head is his nick name) he has peach fuzz hair. Now I can make a hat for every ensemble and theyre so easy. THANK YOU again. I LOVE you site. It’s 3 AM and Im counting down the hours until the fabric store opens to create my version. I have a fox Appliqué File that is going to be PERFECT for one side. We love those mischevious little foxes:) . The cape Im actually going to make right now… My MDjr has been asking for one for months. I’ll be sure to post my results on a few of your patterns and tutorials.
    ONE QUESTION – As we are finishing Lil’ Dudes nursery I have been searching for a simple tutorial on how to make a top crib railing teething guard. There are so many pics but they all go back towards purchasing them and no store I have found has a pattern. I have the basic idea – using a tan cotton muslin tan, bought thick batting for the underside and you atattch for points with ribbon to tie it on the top rail. Im so nervous to do it because I have yet to find directions. If you ever feel inspired that would be a great nursery item that even a beginner seamer could make with proper instructions.
    Your Blog has inspired me… Again many thanks.
    April 🙂

    1. Hey April! What delightful comments to read. I’d absolutely love to see if you make any of all of the ideas you mentioned! I’m jealous of your big stump tables, those sound marvelous. I don’t blame you one bit, my daughter is 6 months and we definitely don’t have her nursery done 🙂 My kids are wrecking balls – she would have a teething guard pulled down and wrapped around her in about 2 seconds, so we’ve never used one. I will poke around and see if I can find a good tutorial for you though! I think Velcro might be easier than ribbon, or at least easier to undo 🙂

  2. I have one more question…. I see under my picks you have the brother 1034D serger. I have had my eye on this for a while – however my high end sewing machine detailer basically said not to expect much except hassles of thread mot feeding correctly – then proceeded to show me their “entry level” brother seerger that was over $1000 bucks, NOT HAPPENING. I was sewing and embroidering with a phenomenal brother from walmart that I got for $350, I only upgraded for a larger hoop. 2 years later I can across a singer Futura witha bundle including software and all the extras ( under 1000 bucks) It has a 6×10 hoop and an 8×16 with repeating pattern option ( Ideal for a Large name on a towel or Robe – anything) as well as adding a beautiful pattern to table linens, bed sheets, curtains, I could keep going. I don’t believe you have to spend an insane amount of money to do what you need to do.
    Could you tell me a bit about the serger? and in curiosity what is the machine you personally prefer, I imagine you use softwear too for your digital embridery files, mongramming and appliqué ? Just curious what setup you have? Sorry for bombarding your page. I want that serger – I need it, just need to go ahead that from someone who has used it that its legit.
    Thanks so very very much,

    1. So, I LOVE the serger. Love it. I bought one when I had no idea what I was doing even sewing really, and used the crap out of it for over two years, and then accidentally serged over a too thick layer of PUL & FOE and a pin and busted it. I bought another one the same day and have been using it heavily ever since. They are super super popular online & there are a TON of great tutorials and youtube videos because of that. There is a Brother 1034d serger group on Facebook too. I highly recommend them – and agree with you on expensive machines! Mine all work fine and they’re all low or mid level. I don’t have an embroidery machine! My Mom has a super fancy Viking one, and she embroiders things for me/the kids. Let me know if you get & like the Brother! Camelcamelcamel.com can show you price history, if you haven’t used that before, but it tends to hover around 199.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern and tutorial. I had so much fun making these for a future nursery/playroom for my grandchildren. I will send you a picture of the ones I made if that is ok, I could not figure out how to attach to this message. Thanks Again, Debbie Sherman/ Oregon

  4. First, thank you so much for posting this tutorial! The poufs will look fabulous in my daughter’s room and I can’t wait to get started.
    I also wanted to ask, where did you get the rug that’s in the pictures? I’m on the hunt for a new rug to her room and I really love the green/blue color as well as the pattern.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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