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Moon Embroidery Design


I’m sharing my finished ‘summer stitching’ project – a moon embroidery design called the Lunar Blossom, from CozyBlue. I bought this as a part of her kit club, with a 3 month subscription, after seeing it on her Instagram account. I love this lunar phase pattern and it was so much fun to stitch; the outer loops are sashiko style, something I tried way back when as a part of my TSNEM (try something new every month) project.

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Check out this beautiful moon embroidery design that shows the lunar cycle! Sashiko stitching and simple satin stitches make this embroidery pattern perfect for beginners. Glow in the dark embroidery floss adds a fun surprise when the lights are off - no one expects a glow in the dark embroidery hoop! #moonembroidery #embroidery #lunarcycle #lunarphases

You can purchase the moon embroidery design by itself* (and if you do, check out the easiest way to transfer an embroidery pattern, in this post!) or this adorable DIY kit including all the supplies, with the pattern pre-printed*, which would make a great gift. The pre-printed pattern came with cream-colored floss but I wanted to try the glow in the dark kind! I questioned that decision after working with DMC “Light Effects” #E3747*, which I picked up at Jo-Ann Fabrics, because it was not super easy to use. I totally forgot about Thread Heaven*, which would’ve made it a lot easier (it’s a thread wax/conditioner that makes floss glide through things more easily).

It is hard to photograph glow-in-the-dark anything! I honestly don’t think the glow is strong enough to balance out the effort I put into the finicky floss, so I’d love to stitch this a second time but would definitely use cotton floss instead.

glow in the dark embroidery of moon phases embroidery

This was the first time I tried staining a hoop instead of painting it; I found this nifty stain pen that worked perfectly (mine is from Michaels but there is a similar one online here*).

A photo posted by Stephanie (@swoodsonsays) on

I always share progress photos on Instagram, and this project had some fun ones. It was pretty much my summer project; I carried it around town, in the car, and on my lap throughout our adventures.

A photo posted by Stephanie (@swoodsonsays) on

A photo posted by Stephanie (@swoodsonsays) on

A photo posted by Stephanie (@swoodsonsays) on

A photo posted by Stephanie (@swoodsonsays) on

I’m really happy with how this moon embroidery design turned out! My plan is to gift it to someone who celebrates the Winter Solstice – fortunately I know what that is, after writing this post about how to learn and craft for non-Christmas holidays, with kids.

moon phase embroidery with dark stained embroidery hoop

I’m wavering between buying the pattern and making a second one for myself or starting a new project, do you ever get like that?


My kids love looking up at the moon, so they will be sad to see this go. It would look amazing in a bedroom,or turned into a mini wall quilt.

I’d love to hear any glow-in-the-dark floss tips that you might have, seeing as I have an almost full skein left!

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  1. That is one amazing gift. I have been trying to find a different way to celebrate the holiday. But that is a part of bridging cultures & families 🙂 I would love that embroidery myself. I may have to give that one a try. I am obsessed with the moon and well the environmental aspects that moon has o us and our planet.

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