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Shark & Whale Appliques

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shark applique whale applique

I’m so excited to share my newest design, the Big Ocean Appliques! Featuring a scrappy, layered shark applique and a scrappy, layered whale applique; this pattern is perfect for using up those tiny bits of fabric or upcycling a bunch of t-shirts. I’m planning on designing a bunch of different critters in the same style, my kids are loving theirs and it’s so fun picking out different patterns.

how to sew a whale shirt

If you’ve never done applique before, check out my post on how to machine applique for beginners! I used Thermoweb Lite sheets for these, which meant I didn’t even have to trace anything.

how to sew a diy boden shirt

I love appliques because they use up super small scraps, they’re a really simple way to personalize a plain shirt, and they are great for covering up holes and stains!

I now have to sew 2 of absolutely everything, they love matching and I love not hearing them fight over something, ha! Both shirts are the Bella Sunshine Designs’ free raglan pattern, it sews up great you can download yours here.

Which one is your favorite? The shirts and appliques are both 100% sewn from upcycled shirts and leggings, which I love.

I love the floral on floral! Please don’t ask me how long I spent choosing everything, it is so much fun.

The pattern was originally published in an issue of One Thimble is a cool Australian magazine with lots of patterns, articles, and beautiful pictures. [2024 note – One Thimble has since closed]

You can now buy this pattern in my shop right here!

These are the shots included in the magazine, taken by Elizabeth Pohlmann. I love the print mixed in!

And a cute little whale, also shot by Elizabeth. Whoever sewed this one couldn’t resist using a floral, just like me!

Every time I work on a new pattern, generous people share their time & talent with me to make sure it is as good as it can be. See some of my testers’ versions here:

This fun shark from Jennet Mae Jones aka Feathered Nest Studio, and you can see how it looks with a zigzag stitch (like shark teeth!).

and she sewed a sweet whale too!

Karly from Paisley Roots sewed up this sweet pair, are these girls cute or what!

I love the stripes! I want to make another set mixing stripes and floral now.

This might be my favorite whale yet.

Amanda Greiner used a fun blanket stitch to make this proper Orca whale, isn’t it cute?

The stripes and polka dots on this shark is too cute!! Sewn by Meriel, who is the best.

I’ll be updating this post as more people stitch up some of their own sharks & whales, I’d love to hear what fabrics you can picture them in!

You can pin this shark and whale applique pattern with this link and image:

Use up your tiniest scraps or old t-shirts and sew some scrappy appliques! This is a shark & whale applique pattern that is easy to sew, with a full photograph tutorial. This is a fun fabric scrap buster project and way to embellish a shirt for kids. Great on bags, pillows, or blankets too! #sewing #applique #sewingforkids

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Sharing is Caring

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