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Shibori Indigo Dye Kit Review

Shibori Indigo Dye Kit Review - see what is inside this cheap kit, that dyes up to 15 shirts!

Sometimes ordering craft supplies blindly offline can turn out poorly (see my leather dye experiment here) but I really love this shibori indigo dye kit from Jacquard! I’ve used it several times over the past few years and had consistent results so I feel good about recommending it, after doing two separate projects this summer I decided to invite a few blogging friends for a whole week of shibori dye projects. I’m going to start off with a review of the kit since I love it so much, if you order one today you’ll be ready to experiment with indigo by the weekend!

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This kit by Jacquard is the best! Under $10* on Amazon and sold in stores at Jo-Ann Fabrics, it is simple to use on top of being cheap. The description says it is a “mini” kit but it dyes a ton of fabric – over 15 t-shirts or 15 yards of fabric.

This is everything you get in the box; to actually dye you’ll need a bucket/container with a lid and something to stir it with. I’d recommend reading through all the instructions before you get started! In addition to the actual directions, there is a bit about indigo dye itself and about shibori dye techniques. If you want to read ahead, you can get some background on indigo dye here and on the Japanese art of shibori here. If you have read this far and decided wearing gloves means too much mess, check out the shibori print fabric lines from Moda*!

Sharing a few of my recent projects and peeks at tutorials for later in the week:

I love how this fleece blanket turned out! Way quicker than a quilt but just as cuddley.

I made a second, over-dyed version for myself (I gifted the first one) with slightly sloppier dye techniques. You can see how much richer the color gets with a second and third dip.

Several years ago, I dyed (and sewed two of the shirts) matching family shirts for a friend! Seems so long ago.

A post shared by Stephanie (@swoodsonsays) on

And an instagram peek at the curtains I dyed! These were an interesting experiment, I want to take a second stab at them but for now they make me happy.

A few of my blogging friends have joined in for a week of Shibori Dyeing! Order your own kit* on Amazon and be sure to click through and see what they made:


Sarah at Sewing with Sarah – Shibori Top


Katie at Creative Counselor – Shibori Shift Dress

Sara at Radiant Home Studio – Shibori Zipper Pouch


Vicky at Vicky Myers Creations – Shibori Scarf

Here at Swoodson Says – Shibori Blanket


Maryanna at Marvelous Auntie M – Shibori Bag

Ula at Lulu & Celester – Shibori Clutch


Laurel at My Heart Will Sew On – Shibori Maxi Skirt

Agy at Agy Textile Artist – Shibori Natural Dyes

Here at Swoodson Says – Shibori Curtains
Shibori Indigo Dye Kit Review - see what is inside this cheap kit, that dyes up to 15 shirts! Shibori tie dye kits make it simple and easy to experiment with natural indigo dye.

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I love the blues from indigo. I am glad they provided gloves. Contrary to belief, natural does not necessarily mean safe)

  2. […] I love giving handmade gifts, and my brain ticks year round thinking of ideas for friends and family. One of my friends loves organic gear and indigo dye so I struck on making her a simple throw blanket! This is technically a no-sew project; I did serge the edges but that is more for aesthetics than function. I had so much fun making her a shibori indigo blanket, I made myself one too. Be sure to check out my full review of my favorite indigo dye kit in this post! […]

  3. All looks great. I love how the magic happens when you reveal what it made the design. Everyone on your post did a wonderful job.

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