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Toddler Juggling Balls – Scrap busting Saturday

Toddler Juggling Balls - Fabric Scrap Buster - Swoodson Says

An easy way to use up fabric scraps for a toddler: balls. I think my son probably says ‘BALL’ 100 times a day, so it was no surprise to me that he immediately snatched up my latest project and carried it around. The pattern is from one of my favorite sewing project books,  ‘Oliver + S Little Things to Sew’; I wrote a full book review in this post. This is the larger ball (the pattern has 2 sizes) and he simply couldn’t keep his hands off of them! He kept dodging into my shot so finally I just went with it.

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Sewing Pattern Template from Plastic Cutting Board - Swoodson Says

I used a thin plastic cutting board* to cut out a pattern template – sometimes paper is too flimsy when it’s used over and over again (I use a rotary cutter instead of tracing and cutting). I also ironed on interfacing so they were a little more durable.

Toddler Juggling Balls - Fabric Scrap Buster- Swoodson Says

The perfect size for a 17 month old’s hand! I especially love this shot because the striped fabric is a scrap from one of the crib sheets I made for him while I was pregnant.

Toddler Juggling Balls - Fabric Scrap Buster- Swoodson Says

He even shared them with his dog! You can see they are a little lumpy; I stuffed them with chopped t-shirts per usual.

Toddler Juggling Balls - Fabric Scrap Buster- Swoodson Says

I love this shirt (Old Navy) and pants (mamamade, blogged here). I had a hard time convincing him to let go of them and eat lunch; these would be a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift for any little people in your life. The book, ‘Oliver + S Little Things to Sew‘*, has such cute patterns!


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  1. What a cute project! I should make some for my girls, even tho they are older. And I love how clear and crisp your pictures are. They show a lot of the details of the balls.

    1. Kathy, my husband immediately started juggling with them.. so they’re definitely not age-specific haha! And thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out my DSLR more and more- and it’s finally nice enough out to use some natural light. Next time we buy a house, I’m going to pay more attention to lighting – my current one might as well be a dungeon.

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