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Vintage inspired woodland glass ornaments diy

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See how easy it is to make this vintage inspired woodland glass ornaments diy!

Vintage inspired woodland glass ornaments diy

I’ve been sucked into a wormhole of crafting… miniature figurines in ornaments! I grabbed these flat bottom, snow globe-esque fillable ornaments from the store on a whim to do as a family craft and then hunted down little things to put inside and now I want to make even more! This would be such an easy craft to personalize for someone with their favorite animal, hobby, etc. and they’re so fun to make.

fillable snow globe ornament

A little hard to photograph with the clear globe, but here it is on the tree!

family ornament craft

Here are the two my kids made (on the top) and the one my mom made on the bottom to give you some more inspiration. The “snow” on my mom’s was glitter glue and the white stuff is stuffing!

mushroom moss ornament diy tutorial

Here’s a detail shot of mine without the globe! I love it! Keep reading to see all the details.

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diy retro deer ornament tutorial

Ready to make your own?

Vintage inspired woodland glass ornaments diy


If you want to look for other animals or miniatures, I have had good luck on Etsy and Ebay searching ‘vintage animal miniatures’, more ornament examples coming your way soon!


retro deer ornament step 1

Step 1- First I took off the hanger & ribbon since this was supposed to be an ornament all by itself! A quick twist with pliers did the trick.

snowglobe ornament diy

Step 2- Next was hot glueing the tree & some polyfill to the bottom to give it some height. Be super careful that you aren’t covering any of the ‘tracks’ that the globe screws onto on top, test it before you keep going.

moss ornament tutorial

Step 3- Next I glued moss over top, don’t forget about the back for a 360 view!
vintage deer ornament diy

Step 4- Next was gluing the little doohickeys in! I recommend getting all the moving parts how you want, no glue, and taking a photo, then taking off one, gluing one, repeat. Speaking from experience rearranging then forgetting/messing it up!

glue tiny snowflakes ornament

Step 5- Last I added sequins and glitter! I used tweezers with superglue on a toothpick to place the sequins individually and then sprinkled fine glitter over the top.

empty fillable snow globe ornament

Step 6- Check it all over, fix any mistakes, and if you want glue the bottom on permanently so nothing shifts.

vintage ornament inspired diy

You’re done! I’ll be making more of these to come and post updates on this same tutorial with different scenes, it was so fun. I can see sculpting with clay and sticking them in there too!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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