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18+ pairs of adorable embroidery scissors

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18+ pairs of adorable embroidery scissorsI had so much fun making this list full of adorable embroidery scissors! Scissors don’t take up much space and I feel like I can never have too many pairs. All of these are little, easy to slip into a pouch for hand sewing on the go or in with your embroidery project! I haven’t tried every single pair on this list but they all come with good reviews and are surely sharp enough to snip threads without any fuss. I’ve grabbed those 99 cent pairs from the checkout line before and always regretted it!

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Let me know which one is your favorite, or if you’ve tried any of these sets before!

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little sewing scissors

18+ pairs of adorable embroidery scissors

colorful heart scissorsSuper fun heart handled embroidery scissors in a variety of colors.

llama embroidery scissors

The cutest llama scissors I’ve ever seen, I need one of these!

iridescent guitar scissors

Funky, iridescent guitar shaped scissors for rockstar stitching.

big ben london england scissors

We just went to Europe last month but Big Ben was covered up in scaffolding, womp womp, but these Big Ben scissors are a nice conciliation prize.

rainbow unicorn scissors

Another take on rainbow unicorn scissors, these are funky!

minimalist rose gold embroidery scissors

Minimalist, elegant scissors in different metallic shades.

intricate flowery scissors

Filigreed, fancy pants scissors for the floral loving stitcher!

unicorn scissors

I have this pair! Rainbow unicorn embroidery scissors, perfect for hand sewing.

pineapple rainbow scissors

I’m a big fan of pineapple everything, and these rainbow pineapple embroidery scissors are no exception.

spider scissors

Unique black spider printed scissors, perfect for anyone who enjoys stitching bugs or spooky stuff.

tiny embroidery scissors good for flights

I have a green pair of these! Teeny, tiny scissors with a little holster that are perfect for stitching on the go.

fairy scissors

My daughter would flip over these funky fairy scissors, they are so fun.

filigree fancy embroidery scissors

Intricate, fancy vintage inspired snips.

butterfly wing scissors

Pretty butterfly wing scissors that would go well with any of the beautiful butterfly embroidery patterns out there.

rabbit scissors

Delicate rabbit scissors, these are so unexpected!

Chunky, mod embroidery scissors with a few bright color options, these are so cheery.

These are so pretty, matte black mermaid scissors.

Spooky black owl scissors that would be perfect with a Halloween hand embroidery pattern.

snake handled scissors

Medusa-esque, elegant golden snake handled scissors from a shop who has beautiful patterns too.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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