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Kid clothes mending techniques for holes & stains: “Make It Last” e-book

tutorials to mend kid's clothes

I love mending. There is something so soothing about working with your hands to fix something, and in most cases, make it more beautiful or fun! I’ve shared a few kid’s mending tutorials over the past year but now I’m bundling them and adding some exclusive content in “Make It Last: tutorials for mending holes + stains: kid’s clothes edition”, a PDF e-book you can find in my shop!

This e-book is designed with beginners in mind, with full photo tutorials for each method and patch.

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mending ebook

What’s in the book (content that is available in blog post format is linked, the rest is exclusive to the e-book):

  • General mending tips for any method
  • 6 simple, small outline shape templates (moon, star, heart, skull, bee, bunny) & photo tutorials for how to use them for fabric paint stenciling and/or DIY stamp making.
  • 10 applique design templates, 7 of which are exclusive to this e-book (Panda face, cat face, skull, shark, beetle, dinosaur, rainbow, flower, bunny face, heart/oval/star) & tutorials for how to use them for reverse applique & raw-edge applique. These appliques are one-size and all suited for knee patches in approximately size 4T-10 size, you can enlarge or reduce while printing as needed.
  • Additional photo tutorials & methods for how to use hand embroidery to mend, how to use freezer paper and fabric paint to stencil and cover a stain, and how to carve a DIY stamp and fabric ink to cover a stain.

Buy it here in my shop!

ways to fix kids clothes holes

Even though mending tutorials are not my most popular content, seeing people use them gives me the most joy! I hope to inspire second life for old and busted clothes. Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions about the book you have!

Supplies used in the book:

Hand Embroidery method:

DIY Stamp method:

DIY Stencil method:

  • Freezer paper (sheets or roll)
  • Small, micro-tip scissors (AmazonEtsy )
  • Fabric paint + brush (Amazon)
  • Iron

Reverse Applique method:

  • Freezer paper (sheets or roll)
  • Coordinating fabric scrap
  • Small, micro-tip scissors (AmazonEtsy )
  • Iron + sewing machine

Applique method:

  • Heat N Bond (sheets or roll) (Amazon (sheets)- Etsy (roll))
  • Iron + sewing machine
  • Fabric scraps

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.