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Sew On Patches for Jeans – Sashiko Style

Looking for cute ways to patch kids' pants? Sashiko style bug sew on patches are easy and adorable.

Sew on patches for jeans are a must in this house, there isn’t an iron on knee patch strong enough to take the hiking and jumping my son does. We try to spend as much time outside as possible, hiking and exploring, which leads to a lot of laundry and even more mending.

Instead of buying the prepackaged patches, I have been DIY-ing them from upcycled jeans and denim scraps.

before and after knee patch boys pants

You can see a full tutorial for how to make the patches in this post, where I sewed some stars on. For this pair, I used a bug silhouette and they turned out so cute!

These are super soft jegging/jean hybrids from Target, which also means they wore out more quickly than normal. Once I spotted a growing hole on one leg, I decided it was time to act. I love that these look cute, cover the hole, but also make them more durable overall.bug knee patches for kids diy

How fun are these pants now! I love the mix of denim shades. sashiko knee patch

My daughter was super jealous that the “bug pants” weren’t for her – I think I need to put this silhouette on more things soon, not just sew on patches for jeans! I stitched them down over a few afternoons while the kids played in the backyard.

A photo posted by Stephanie (@swoodsonsays) on

I like to think they can feel the love that was sewn into these! It makes me happy that these pants will last at least a few more months, and maybe get passed down to my daughter too. Sashiko stitching is so simple, if you’ve never sewn anything by hand this would be a great first project! You can find a bunch of other sashiko project tutorials in this post.

Looking for cute ways to patch kids' pants? Sashiko style bug sew on patches are easy and adorable.

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  1. What a super cool idea, love the beetles. my daughter and i are huge fans of jeans so this is a great idea that i will certainly try out. thankyou for sharing..

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