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Kite Fold Tee from MadeIt Patterns

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Kite Fold Tee from Madeit Patterns

Check out my Kite Fold Tee! The design is from MadeIt Patterns and it is fabulous. I love upcycling and I love using up scraps – this is the perfect pattern for both those things! Olu, who blogs at Needle and Ted, has joined the MadeIt team and she organized this fabulous fashion week for their Fold collection’s release. Olu is fabulous – I love seeing what she makes because it’s fresh and different; the details she adds always surprise me!

I received a copy of the pattern for free, but all opinions are my own, per usual.

made it patterns pdf sewing for upcycles

I sewed the Kite Fold Tee, it comes in sizes 2-10. All of these fabrics are upcycled – the green is one of my old tshirts that had a stain, the blue stripe is an old shirt I stretched out when I was pregnant, the denim is a pair of old jeggings my son ripped the knees out of, and the tractor print is one of his old onesies that was too stained to reuse for my daughter! Whew. I added it to my post of ways to use up knit fabric scraps here.

embroidered size tag

I stabilized a scrap of the jegging knit and used my sewing machine’s embroidery font to add a ‘4’ size tag (see: 9 ways to make your own clothing labels).

madeit patterns kite tee

I sewed the size 4 without any alterations – this is it hung up next to a Carters size 4 shirt. If you’re in the USA you probably own something from Carters, it’s super common, so I thought it would helpful for future reviews to include a side by side!

The shirt fit my son pretty well; the neck was a touch wider than I would’ve liked and the body maybe a touch shorter but those are personal preference. This was my first Madeit pattern and it was a pleasure! It had clear photographs (which I prefer over diagrams) and simple instructions. It offered a ‘quick and easy’ and ‘more polished’ option for the neckband, which was a nice touch.

The only hiccup I ran into was the neckband – they gave a very long measurement for the ribbing and said to sew it in with one shoulder seam open, stretching as you go. I am used to sewing in the round with a hard measurement, and this method didn’t work for me. I ripped it off, measured the neckline, and calculated 80% length and used that measurement instead. Worked like a charm!

I LOVE that I could use that onesie and his jeggings, two things that had such little fabric I would’ve normally shredded them for the knit scrap stuffing heap. My son was so thrilled to have tractors on his shirt – and the jeggings seams added some extra interest. I’ll definitely be sewing this again; it looks like it takes a lot longer than it actually does!

See more Kite Tees sewn up here:


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Tina Hofmann

Tuesday 16th of June 2020

Looks Great! I just discovered and bought the Kite Fold Shirt a couple of days ago, but haven't got round to sewing it up yet! I like you little size tags, do you make them or buy them?


Sunday 6th of September 2015

Yes, the kite fold tee is PERFECT for using up scraps of fabric. Yours looks great and it's very interesting to have it alongside a ready-to -wear tee. I wonder how an average tee would compare from shop to shop or from country to county even.

Thank you for your thorough and honest review. And another good method for attaching the next binding.

So glad you agreed to be part of Madeit Fashion Week. Thank you so much.

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Monday 7th of September 2015

That's such a good point! I am such an American, I always forget that not everyone has US stuff. Thank you for inviting me Olu!

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