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9 ways to make your own clothing labels

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9 ways to make your own clothing labels

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make your own clothing labelsLooking for ideas on how to make your own clothing labels for sewing? I have 9 of them! Professionally made woven or printed labels can be pricey in small batches for home sewists (shop those options here!), so I first turned to Spoonflower. They held up okay, but when I started to run out I wanted to figure out what other options there were. I tried 5 of the main ideas I found and put the sample through 15 normal (cold) washes and (hot) drys to see how they all looked at the end.

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9 ways to make your own clothing labels

1. At home printable fabric – I used this Jacquard Ink Jet Fabric off Amazon. You need an inkjet printer for these, not a laser!  I think the at home printed labels actually look better than the Spoonflower ones! I used fusible interfacing on both of them, and around wash 10 it had completely peeled off so I had to stitch some reinforcements around. I trimmed around both of the samples with pinking shears, but it still frayed significantly. 

2. Permanent marker! Good old Sharpie. The permanent marker looked about the same as the fabric marker, so I’d save your pennies there and use a Sharpie. 

3. Spoonflower labels on Kona cotton

  • You can see how Abby at Things for Boys found her (color printed) Spoonflower labels held up

4. Puff paint/fabric paint this was so messy! I wonder if you could combine it with a freezer paper stencil for a cleaner look?

5. Fabric marker

Above you can see the before & after with 20 wash and dries, they all held up pretty well!

embroidered size tag

6. Machine stitched labels– if you have a machine with embroidery capabilities, you’ve probably tried this, but I made mine with a plain old sewing machine! It has simple alphanumeric stitch options, making it perfect for simple size tags on scraps.

7. Stamped labels- One of my favorite methods because you can get creative with symbols! More details on the supplies I use for this process in this post; you could also just stamp straight on the fabric.

8. Iron on labels– Use your cutting machine & iron on scraps to make labels that way! See an example at Sew Sophie Lynn.

9. Screenprinted labels– So this example is showing how to diy screenprint, not how I used it to make labels, but the concept would translate easily! See what I made with my DIY screenprinting hack or buy a kit and keep it easy.

Do you make your own labels? Did I miss your favorite method? Let me know!

Sharing is caring!

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