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12+ moon embroidery patterns

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12+ moon embroidery patterns

I am crazy for moon embroidery patterns! As you’ll see below, a moon phase embroidery pattern was one of my first embroidery projects that I was proud of, and I love seeing new celestial designs pop up. I enjoyed curating this list of star-inspired moon patterns and I hope you find a new designer to fall in love with!

If you’re new to hand embroidery, check out my list of favorite hand embroidery tools here and see the trick for how to transfer embroidery patterns with a picture tutorial here!

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moon hand embroidery patterns

Modern moon embroidery patterns

moon mushroom embroidery pattern

I love mushrooms AND moons so this pattern is 100% my jam, with simple lines from VyshivkaKochPattern.

moon and trees embroidery

I love all the height and texture differences in this coniferous moon pattern from Juniper Stitches Shop.

moon phase embroidery design

Click through to see this on a zipper pouch too, the sweetest moon phase embroidery design from Slow Evenings.

A simple, pretty floral moon design from Ink and Ocean, this would be pretty on clothes!

I’ve stitched this one! The lunar blossom moon phase pattern from Cozy Blue, I recommend the pattern, do not recommend the glow in the dark floss.

A neat constellation and moon snake embroidery pattern from Alifera, my kids are very into snakes and would go nuts for this.

I love the cheeky little spaceship in this moon embroidery kit from Tangled Up In Hue.

A detailed moon phase embroidery kit from Tangled Up In Hue, I love how this mixes in nature too.

This big full moon pattern is so serene and pretty, by Cozy Blue.

A sweet, free moon embroidery pattern from Cutesy Crafts, a perfect nursery diy decor option!

I like the placement and space in this moon inspired design by Thread Honey.

Quirky crescent moon embroidery pattern from Alifera.

I love this one, I bought it and am excited to stitch it up! A mushroom and moon phase pattern from Cozy Blue.

This pretty luna moth embroidery pattern actually comes preprinted with the background color on it, from Little Dear.

This sweet floral embroidery pattern would be another one perfect for a nursery, from Koddi Store.

Sharing is caring!

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