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25+ modern floral embroidery patterns

25+ modern floral embroidery patterns

I had so much fun making this list of 25+ modern floral embroidery patterns! Flowers are probably the most common hand embroidery motif so I tried to find a wide range of styles and stitches. If I missed any of your favorites, leave a comment so I can add them! If you’re tight on cash, there are some free flower embroidery patterns included in the mix as well. Almost all of these are shown stitched and displayed in a hoop, but get creative! I think most if not all of these patterns would look fantastic on pillows, clothes, or mixed into a quilt block, so get busy.

If you’re new to hand embroidery, check out my list of favorite hand embroidery tools here and see the trick for how to transfer embroidery patterns with a picture tutorial here!

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flower embroidery patterns

25+ modern floral embroidery patterns

floral path hand embroidery pattern

I love the lines in this simple floral embroidery pattern from Threadfolk!

one little word floral embroidery pattern

Pick your “word of the year” and surround it by beautiful flowers with this gorgeous pattern from Lolli and Grace! I thnk I’d pick Bloom.

negative space hand embroidery pattern

So this is a bit of a trick – I altered a pattern you can buy from Ellucy Stitches and stitched a “custom order” for my friend! I just printed it out and used a pencil to tweak the letter, how do you think it turned out?

A pretty daisy free hand embroidery pattern from Flamingo Toes, this would be perfect for a bedroom wall or bed pillow.

floral hexagon embroidery pattern

I love hexagons and flowers so this pattern is a delight, from Naive Needle!

floral heart hand embroidery pattern

Free floral heart hand embroidery pattern over at Cutesy Crafts, she has lots of cute patterns.

moody floral hand embroidery pattern

Simple but pretty moody floral hand embroidery pattern from Florals and Floss.

hand embroidery not in a hoop

I designed this free ‘Explore More’ hand embroidery pattern for my post on how to embroider shoes but you could put it in a hoop too!

snarky floral embroidery pattern

When you like flowers and snark, try this pattern by Ellucy Stitches!

Free ‘Love without reason’ hand embroidery pattern by Down Grapevine Lane, delicate and pretty.

text floral embroidery pattern

I love how the letters are woven in with these florals in the pattern from Threadfolk.

Free wildflower hand embroidery pattern from yours truly, in my post about how to embroider a hat by hand.

Free floral hand embroidery pattern from Hodge Podge Craft, the snail is my favorite even though it wasn’t actually a flower.

woman floral head patternPretty floral portrait pattern from Tamar Nahir-Yanai, it is so unexpected!

daisy hand embroidery pattern

This pretty all over daisy pattern from Ellucy Stitches would look so cute on a pocket!

floral wreath embroidery pattern

Floral usually means spring but how about this winter-y floral wreath pattern from Flamingo Toes!

beautiful floral hand embroidery pattern

Simple and pretty, I love how varied the stitches are in this floral wreath pattern from Bustle and Sew.

oval floral hand embroidery pattern

I’ve never tried thread painting but this pattern from Namaste Embroidery has me ready to try!

This reminds me of our front yard in summer! A pretty wildflower pattern from Tamar Nahir-Yanai.

A unique twist on florals, with eyes peeking out in a mandala shape- pattern from Cozy Blue.

floral bouquet embroidery pattern

I love when people stitch their wedding bouquets; here is a pattern if you just want to try your hand at a spring floral bundle! Pattern by And Other Adventures.

floral stitch sampler pattern

Stitch samplers are great when you’re just starting out (I have a whole separate post with more of them) and this one is such a pretty bouquet, from Little Dear.

Something a little different, how about a floral chameleon pattern, from Alifera!

floral trex embroidery pattern

Last but not least, something a lot different, a super fun floral t-rex skull pattern from 20 Something Art.

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Saturday 18th of April 2020

I envy, you do great things.

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