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18+ mushroom embroidery patterns

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18+ mushroom embroidery patternsI love mushrooms. My kids know to point them out while we’re on the trail; I just take such delight in their variety of colors, shapes, and how they seem to grow out of nowhere. I’ve been itching to stitch my favorite fungi and decided it was high time to share some of the ones I’ve saved while browsing, let me know if you’ve tried any of these! I love shopping on Etsy to support home businesses – check out more of their #StandWithSmall suggestions here.

If you’re new to hand embroidery, check out my list of favorite hand embroidery tools here and see the trick for how to transfer embroidery patterns with a picture tutorial here!

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mushroom hand embroidery designs

18+ mushroom embroidery patterns
toadstool thread painting tutorial

Gorgeous mushroom thread painting tutorial by Emillie Ferriss.

moon mushroom fairy pattern

A beautiful moon & embroidery pattern by Cozy Blue, I have this one in my “to stitch” pile!

little mushroom botanical print embroidery patternA sweet little mushroom print reminiscent of  a botanical science print, from Little Dear.

mason jar mushroom embroidery pattern

Sweet mushroom and snail mason jar pattern by Moss and Feather Shop.

mushroom embroidery kit

A retro-feeling mushroom hand embroidery kit from Heidi Boyd.

mushroom pixie hand embroidery pattern

A sweet mushroom pixie girl pattern, designed by LiliPopo.

fungi embroidery pattern

A simple wild fungi pattern collection from Trellis & Thyme.

mushroom terrarium pattern

A simple fungi terrarium pattern from Cozy Blue.

red white toadstool embroidery pattern

Detailed trio of mushrooms pattern by Which Stitch Studio.

simple mushroom hand embroidery kit

A simple, meditative mushroom hand embroidery kit from Hook, Line, & Tinker.

mushroom thread painting pattern

Try out thread painting with this beautiful mushroom pattern from Lolli and Grace, she sells a kit for it too.

mushroom border embroidery pattern

The perfect mushroom border pattern to put on the hem of a skirt or a tea towel as shown, from Cozy Blue.

toadstool embroidery pattern

A sweet mouse sitting under a toadstool pattern from Bustle and Sew.

creepy mushroom embroidery pattern

A creepy mushroom-eyed design from Odd Ana Stitch.

This whimsical embroidery pattern feels a little Alice in Wonderland, designed by LiliPopo.

mushroom girl pattern

A cheery mushroom hat forest girl pattern from Cozy Blue.

Not pictured:

Simple, graphic line mushroom embroidery pattern from Ink and Ocean.

Retro ‘noticing the little things’ mushroom kit by Little Truths Studio.

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Julie B Eckert

Saturday 4th of November 2023

Beautiful MUSHROOM PATTERN to embroidery. Love all ofthem

Stephanie - Swoodson Says

Monday 6th of November 2023

glad you liked the list Julie, thanks for reading!

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