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15+ ocean & beach embroidery designs to stitch

Ocean & beach embroidery designs to stitch! If you’re ready for summer, stitch up one of these maritime hand embroidery patterns for your tote, wall, or tshirt.

Ocean & beach embroidery designs to stitch

I enjoyed making this list full of shells, beaches, mermaids, and sea creatures! I’ve never tried stitching AT the beach because I’m too busy chasing my kids, but these hand embroidery patterns would be perfect for working on while you drive there or count down the days till your trip. If I missed any of your favorites please leave them in a comment and I’ll add them to the list!

If you’re new to hand embroidery, check out my list of favorite hand embroidery tools here and see the trick for how to transfer embroidery patterns with a picture tutorial here!

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Ocean & beach embroidery patterns

15+ ocean & beach embroidery designs to stitch

I love this free, sweet mermaid embroidery pattern from Cutesy Crafts, it would be great teen or tween room decor!

I’ve never stitched such a dense, beautiful art piece but I love this beachy pattern from Jen Ann Handmade.

whale embroidery pattern

I love the simplicity of this whale embroidery pattern from Paraffle, it would look great on a hat or tote bag too!

Mixing in something a little different with this quirky sea captain from Cozy Blue.

sea embroidery pattern kit

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t take a hand embroidered tote to the beach, but I would love to show off this embroidered tote kit around town, from Heidi Boyd Designs.

Another mermaid motif that’s a bit more mature, I love the lines and movement in this pattern from Hook Line & Tinker (sold as a kit and a PDF).

swimming pool ocean hand embroidery pattern

Siwoo In Paris’s patterns are so distinctive and I love this pool people mandala design, it screams summer.

So many tiny details in this beautiful fish-y pattern from Tamar Nahir Yanai.

lighthouse embroidery pattern

Lighthouses are fun to visit and symbolic for a lot of people, so I wanted to include one, here is a classic pattern from Fai My XStitch.

summer sunglasses hand embroidery pattern

The colors on this sample! Maximum summer vibes with this piece, get the pattern from Naive Needle.

I want this on a pillow, a whimsical mix of ocean motifs including my favorite, ship in a bottle, from Little Dear.

This pattern looks simple but you’ll get to try a bunch of different stitches! Pretty coral design from KF Needlework Design.

More scary than sweet, this kraken pattern from Hook Line & Tinker (sold as a kit and a PDF) gets the prize for most unique!

seashell embroidery pattern

Love the composition and placement of this pretty clam shell design from Tusk and Twine.

constellation whale embroidery pattern

A whale AND a constellation design? So, so pretty from Alifera, I want this one on my wall.

Not pictured:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.