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Dump Truck Softie with Bottle Cap Wheels

Upcycle bottle caps! Learn how to sew a simple dump truck softie with bottle cap wheels - kids can drive these around or babies can use them as a handmade car toy. Perfect felt toy to sew as a stocking stuffer!

I’ve shared a giant dump truck floor pillow pattern in the past, and now I’m shrinking the pattern down in order to sew a little softie with wheels that turn! I’ve been doing a monthly craft challenge with some other bloggers and this month we are all sharing bottle cap upcycling projects! This free dump truck softie pattern is super easy to sew, and the “tires” are fun to twirl around but safely secured with a secret tool; can you guess what it is without looking at the supply list?

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I had initially thought of this as a baby toy, something to play with in the stroller or the car seat, like my DIY buckle toy.


My older kids immediately realized it could “drive” on the wheels and really liked it! You could probably put wheels on both sides and a little lower, and then it would zoom even further.


I left the back plain, but you could repeat the appliques on both side if you wanted.dump-truck-softie-2

The wheels are twisty and turny, letting busy hands play. My kids love to turn dials on the radio or car dashboard, and this way the impulse is met without driving me nuts.


It can stand all on its own, which I didn’t plan for, but is a fun aspect.dump-truck-softie-5

I think the wheels look pretty good! You obviously want to supervise kids while they play with this, felt will tear if you yank hard enough on it. If your kids are super destructors, you could add interfacing to where they are secured.

Upcycle bottle caps! Learn how to sew a simple dump truck softie with bottle cap wheels - kids can drive these around or babies can use them as a handmade car toy. Perfect felt toy to sew as a stocking stuffer!

Pin it for later, with the image above!

Ready to make one yourself?




1- Drill a hole in the middle of each cap. My husband did this step, he wanted credit, and used a 1/4″ bit.


2- Cut out 2 main body pieces and 1 of each other pattern pieces, sew to one side. Place the appliqued body mirrored with the other, plain body piece, and sew along the bottom only (where the sloppy yellow lines are).


3- Center the bottle cap and mark through the opening, sliding your other hand inside to make sure you don’t puncture both layers. Punch a hole with your awl or seam ripper, then carefully widen it a bit. It’s easier to go slow and widen it in tiny increments than to try and close it back up.


4- Push your safety eyes through the hole and the wheel, and then add the secure backing on both of them. Sew around the rest of the truck bodies, leaving a 2″ hole, stuff, and then sew the hole closed. Play and enjoy!

If you were making this for a baby you could also add ribbon “taggies” or a rattle inside. For an older kid I thought about adding clear vinyl along the dump truck pocket so you could stick things inside, like someone did with their giant dump truck floor pillow.

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Be sure to check out my list of other truck projects to sew, for more ideas! Let me know if you sew up a little dump truck softie – and I’ll be sharing more ideas for upcycling bottle caps in a future post so check back.

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  1. I love this truck and plan to make it a holiday gift for an 18 month old. Do you think using fleece instead of felt would make the wheels more secure?

    1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for your patience on my response – I think felt is pretty secure, if you’re using nice wool/blend stuff, but fleece would probably be even more so, yes! Another option if you’re really worried would be to add iron-on interfacing on the inside. I’d love to see yours when you’re done!

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