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Star Wars applique patterns to mend kids clothes

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Sharing 4 Star Wars applique patterns to mend kids clothes with a free PDF download!

Star Wars applique patterns to mend kids clothes

My new year’s resolution has been to mend more! My kids are super into Star Wars so I thought I’d share some free patterns that work to mend holes, or you could blow them up bigger and use them as traditional appliques! All of the fabrics are from other scrap t-shirts and it took longer to photograph them than it did to put them all together. Mending kids clothes can seem a bit futile since they grow so quickly, but now they can be passed down instead of heading for the trash dump!

star wars applique patterns

Here’s all four, in varying forms, I hand stitched the rebel symbol on just as an example because I didn’t have another garment in need of mending that it fit on!

mending hanna andersson pajamas

The original set of pajamas that needed mending, I was trying to match the front motif so it looked less obvious.

tutorials to mend kid's clothes

If you want more templates (including some exclusive to the ebook) and more tutorials to read on patching options, check out my e-book on the topic!

mending before and after pajama pants

Here’s the tie-fighter before/after.

r2d2 diy patch mending

The R2-D2 before/after, I had stitched this one on to a patch when I was testing the pattern and then decided it worked better sewing it on to a knee area like this so you just had straight lines instead of fiddly circles.

storm trooper diy patch mending

And the stormtrooper before/after!

covering up a store logo

I also used it to cover up store branding!

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Pin this kids mending tutorial with this link or collage photo:

star wars sewing patterns

Ready to make your own?

Star Wars applique patterns to mend kids clothes

If you haven’t done applique often, I have a bunch of tips in this post: how to machine applique for beginners that I’d recommend reading before you start!


  • I love micro-tip scissors for projects like this
  • Fusible web transfer method- here I’m using Thermoweb’s HeatnBond Lite printable sheets (have to use an inkjet printer)
  • Seam ripper
  • Iron
  • Ballpoint/jersey needles
  • Coordinating thread 
  • 1 pair of pants or shirt to mend
  • Denim scraps
  • Free PDF pattern-sign up for my newsletter and get the free download once you confirm your subscription! If you’re already a subscriber, you can access the pattern with the password in each newsletter, in the resource library.


star wars patterns to sew pdf

This tutorial is for making a true patch – sewing all the detail work on to a backing fabric like shown above, and then sewing the patch over the hole. This makes it easier to use a more complicated patch, like R2D2 in a small space, like a knee hole, where it may be trickier to stitch tiny pieces. It’s also an easy way to make patches for future mends!

You can use any of these without the backing, of course, and just sew the bottom layer over the hole. Depending on the location and the hole, I often will hand-stitch the hole first or even layer a plain, large square of extra tshirt material over the back so when I sew the applique on, it’s applique/original garment/extra tshirt layer, keeping it even more secure. Just leave a comment if you want a photo of that, I forgot to take one!

applique step 1

Step 1- Trace or print the pattern on to fusible transfer. Roughly cut around the design and follow the material’s instructions to adhere it to the BACK of whatever fabric you’re using. Here with solid colors it doesn’t matter much but it would with prints. Then carefully cut along the lines as shown on the black piece.

applique step 2

Step 2- Peel off the backing paper from the bottom layer and adhere with the iron. Let cool!

applique step 3

Step 3- Stitch the bottom layer on! I like to be a little ways away from the edge and prefer a walking foot. Use a ballpoint needle if you’re working with knit fabrics.

applique step 4

Step 4- Adhere the top layer and then stitch following Step 3, repeat with more layers depending on the pattern.
applique step 5

Step 5- Cut out a square or a circle around your patch and you’re ready to mend! You can use a regular gluestick or more Heat N Bond to apply this to the garment to be mended.

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