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The cutest stuffed animal sewing patterns to download

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The cutest stuffed animal sewing patterns to download

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The cutest stuffed animal sewing patterns

I’ve had lots of folks asking me for stuffed animal designer suggestions, so I thought I’d start a post where I can share some of my favorites and keep adding gems as I find them! I also have another post with over 50+ free printable stuffed animal patterns, if you’re on a tight budget, or want to try a designer out before buying a full pattern. Softies make great gifts to sew, and they offer a new challenge if you’re used to sewing clothes or bags normally. If you’re wondering how to sew a stuffed animal – read this post first, full of my best tips for sewing softies!

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Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, or if you are hunting for any specific animal pattern that I missed!

Pin this round-up of the cutest stuffed animal patterns for later using this link or collage image:

stuffed animal pdf patterns

The cutest stuffed animal sewing patterns

llama stuffed animal pattern

I want to reach out and touch this llama stuffie pattern from Ric Rac!

whale pdf

I love the look of this whale stuffed animal sewing pattern! I’ve seen this one sewn up with recycled denim and it’s beautiful. Designed and sold by Crafty Kooka.

I’m biased, of course, but I love sewing my Hipster Teddy Bear pattern!

The designer behind Stubbornly Crafty is so sweet and I love these cute button-joint daschund doggies.

panda stuffed animal pattern

How huggable is this “panda roll” pattern from Teacup Lion? It’s so dang cute!

If teeny tiny stuffies are your thing, sew up my mini pocket critters!

I hear great things about Choly Knight patterns and my kids would go nuts for this creative dragon backpack plush.

Look at this chunky pig! I love how huggable it looks, with a pattern from DIY fluffies.

This one is too cute for words; a stuffed cat holding a stuffed guinea pig! She has a bunch of adorable patterns, over at Fluffmonger.

I love these theme! Adorable little mythical creature plushies from Heidi and Finn.

Another adorable patchwork pattern, this time it’s a sweet kitty from Funky Friends Factory.

The details on these sweet little foxes are too much to handle! Pattern from Gingermelon.

(not pictured)

I can’t get enough of this huge octopus stuffie from Rita Van Tassel Studio! There is a cool upcycled denim version too, click through to see it.

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