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Gifts from Fabric Scraps – Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

 Getting down to the wire! You know I love scrapbusting so I have been brainstorming ideas all year to combine using up scraps and making stocking stuffers. These are 12 of my favorites – also be sure to check out my no-sew scrapbusting canvas art, scrappy buckle toy, and a previous scrapbuster round-up for more ideas.

Snappy Kids Wallet from Zaaberry

I think this would work for adults too! I use something similar to keep my library card accessible in the book bag.

Fabric Scrap Finger Puppets from Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts

These are so cute and leave so much room for creativity. Sew up a whole bunch of blanks and wrap them with a fabric marker set – boom! Gift!

Memory Matching Quilt Set from Sew Many Ways

What you can’t see from this picture is that there are matching fabric squares to pair up! I have seen lots of I-spy quilts but this is a fun twist.

Fishy Cat Toy from Sew Daily

( I didn’t hear back on picture usage, you’ll have to click over to see the cuteness, sorry!) This would work as a cat toy or a cute little ornament.

Can Cozy from So Sew Easy

Everyone loves a can cozy! A quick project that’s easily personalized with fabric choice, applique, or embroidery.

Kite Pincushion from Crafty Tammie

 Pincushions are so useful and cute ones are even better!

Toy Sleeping Bag from Its Always Autumn

Fleece scraps can be tricky to use up but this is cute and quick!

Feather Pillow from Buzzmills

Gorgeous! Perfect way to use up quilt scraps for a coordinating pillow.

 Felt & Fabric Memory Game from Straight Stitch Designs

Simple memory matching game that only requires the smallest scraps, so fun.

Fabric Stamps from Nana Company

I can picture these used for scrapbooking, imaginative play, or room decor!

upcycled jeans sewing tutorial - making star shaped bean bags

Beanbags are a fun gift to give, they encourage open-ended play and everyone loves them! I made these from upcycled scraps, see the tutorial here.

Needle Organizer Pincushion from Call Ajaire

This is brilliant, right? Perfect gift for the sewist in your life.

how to make a diy phone cord weight

I am gifting a bunch of these this year! Make a phone cord weight with quilting cotton scraps, for the tech-y in your life.

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