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15 Craft Room Scrap Busters

15 Craft Room Scrap Busters - Swoodson Says

It’s June! I missed the last Saturday of May for scrap busting – my entire family got hit with a stomach virus but I seem to have suffered the worst and am just barely back to human a week later. I rounded up so many fun new scrappy ideas when I was brainstorming for this month, so I thought I’d share some of the tutorials I didn’t get around to trying.

If you’d like a refresher of the month’s scrap-busting projects: quilted needle bookfabric scrap art / toddler jugging balls / toddler buckle toy

From the collage above:

Fabric Twine from My Poppet

How cool is this stuff! Can you imagine a hammock woven from fabric scrap twine? Possibilities are endless.

Scrappy Fabric from Call Ajaire

I think Ajaire was brilliant to try this – it’s all the scraps quilted together. Truly a zero-waste sewing space!

Scrap Tent from Dear Sewale

How cool! It might take a while to make the entire tent, but I think it would be so neat to see scraps from different projects and garments as your kid(s) played.

Coffee Cozy from Eggo in the Oven

Coffee cozys are a great stocking stuffer or teacher gift – this is a quick and easy tutorial on them!

Death Star Pillow from Emmaline Bags

I like Star Wars but even if you don’t, it’s an inspiring project to just look at your scraps differently.

More fabric ideas:
Paper & ribbon ideas:

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